Very first photo, is everything ok so far should I remove any leaves?

Sour diesel 2weeks into 12/12



Also wondering how soon after the flip will she start to flower?

Looks good to me. Usually around 10-14 days I start to see buttons. I have a few strains that were slow and probably took around 20.

Once the stretch is over is when I will remove some leafs. But to me everything looks great and I’d keep everything exactly how hours going right now. Looks nice and healthy :ok_hand:


That looks nice


@Joshmcginnis28 i also have two auto’s in the same tent…they out grew my 4x2x5 so my question is will the 12/12 light schedule drastically effect my yield on the autos? They are in early flower right now…

@Allinherhead thanks! My first time giving photos a shoot so far no major issues

also I am afraid I may have put to many plants in…they all out grew my two 4x2x5’s I’m using the 600 rspect, i also have two hlg 150’s & a SF2000 Im currently not using should I add those lights into my 4x4x6

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Nice looking plant .

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Must have been drunk and not realized was autos.
@Nicky or @Not2SureYet run autos in these woods. I’d say no as long as you are hitting your DLi numbers in those 12 hours.

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Yeah that’s correct, it’s all about hitting the right amount of light radiation in that lights on period