Very first grow

I’m new at this and germinated my first seeds last weekend. I germinated in a cup of water, then straight into the starter soil. It’s been 6 days and an curious when I should see the first sprout?

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Anytime now! :slight_smile:
Be patient and try not to over water …good luck!

Kind of a late response, literally just registered. I planted 7 seeds. This was about 2 weeks ago, I put them straight into biodegrade starter planters and keep them in the sun out on my roof, when I get home from work I bring them inside and under light during the night and set them back outside during the day, even if its cloudy I leave them outside. I’m watering every 2-3 days and just making sure the soil is workable like forms and stays so its not too wet but not too dry. I was a little worried with the late sprouters but they are starting to look great, I’m about to transplant them into 5 gallon buckets and put them indoors under a grow light and a “cage” i’ve built for them in my little room I rent out.

Today is day 13 and still no sprout out of the ground. Should I dig and take a look at the root? Just getting really worried about it

If you dig you might kill it if it’s alive but 13 days is getting near the end.

I’ve had em’ come up late like that but they’re usually not very healthy. I guess it’s flip a coin?
-good luck

So. Little update. Those didn’t sprout. Ended up getting some seeds off a friend and back at it. Put one in the soil 2 weeks ago Friday, and it’s already starting is first node. Not sure of gender yet since I got them from a bag of reg. Buy here’s hoping