Very first grow 🙏 (going to need a lot of help)

No not 12 months :joy: :woman_facepalming:t2: what am I even thinking ! So between 3 to 4 months. I’m sorry so tired didn’t even read that straight @Deepsix :laughing:

@FreshGrowmie yes 3 to 4 months. Thats ok i had a long day LOL

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So I’m probably gonna harvest the autos and the photos not even showing buds yet :joy:

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Hey thanks!!:hibiscus::sparkles:

Bruh that’s great

Hi @Deepsix, I have clones thats about 30days from flower, but only got them on Sunday and planted them in their pots with their rockwool. When should i start with calmag, and ratio? Gave them feeding on Sunday and clean water yesterday. Also my first grow so trying to learn and keep notes for next time. Link to my journal 1st Time grower.. cheese head

Hope to get some of your inputs!

Sorry for spamming your post @FreshGrowmie. Not sure if one can send a PM, looked for the function but didn’t find anything.

Hi everyone so been doing LST for 6 days now… and I’m wondering how much longer I should do or how much longer I should stay with the plants in this certain position. I know LST main goal is to create more than 1 main stem correct? Anyways, one of my plants is already showing a second long a stronger stem but the other two are not… not sure if is a sign to change the LST of the one that has 2 main branches now and leave the others that don’t …
This is the one with the new long branch

This one just keeps showing new flowers I guess but no long branches what should I do?

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You can do as much or as little as you want. Just a matter of shape and size of plant you are looking for. Imo its best to start with small amount of training and then watch how they develop and grow out. On your next plants you can apply what you learned.


Apply what you learn! Aint that the key to success?


It more or less me saying to figure out how plants respond to training that was applied. Then figuring out if it was too much, not enough, or just right.


I’m not a LST guy, I just top em and grow em out.

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Since you are all ready starting to flower. I would just grow them how they are. All will still get good light. I use lst to shape them how I want. Then let em go wild growing upwards :grin:

So you suggest stop LST now since they are flowering ?

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I don’t think you will see any gain for your effort at this point. I would let them grow as is and build some taller colas if it was mine. But you really can’t hurt it if you want to keep doing more lst. :+1:

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When you said you giving you plant 1 gallon twice a week with cal mag, did you meant only one plant 1 full gallon? Or 1 gallon for more than one plant?

1 Gallon for each plant

For 5g? How about 3 gallon pot?
You plant is probably way older too that’s why

Start with a liter each.

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Mr/Mrs Growmie-
By Deepsix’s calculations he will harvest at 11 weeks. That is almost 3 months. I am not sure where you are getting 12 months from. Its usually more in the neighborhood of 12-14 weeks. My blueberry auto took 13 weeks to harvest. Thats the thing about autos. They do what they are genetically driven to do. You are along for the ride.

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No I meant weeks I don’t know why I put months… was tired that day :joy:
I just think my autos are way to small to be flowering compared to some others I have seen here