Very first grow ever....wish me luck

Big upgrades coming soon. Check back in about a week or so. I’ll post some pics of the girls tomorrow

New pictures after topping the two big girls. They seem happier and exploded in new canopy growth.


little girls are settling in and getting bigger. One on the right is about a week and a half. One on the left is being alittle stubborn at almost a month.


@rookiegrower Looking good

thanks bud, I was just drooling over yours on @Hellraiser clone page


Looking good and nice Job

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Need some help here. Starting to get leaf discoloration on the big girls and alittle on one little one. Looks like possible mag deficiency. I applied calmag this morning. What do you think @Hellraiser, @KoolHandLuke, @dbrn32?

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forgot to add pics

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They look good! I have a chart but a seriously new grower as well. It says possible nitrogen deficiency. But let hear from the experts. I wanna know also. Keep up the great work!

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I’d like to see a support ticket if possible?

I don’t know how to do all that

Copy/Paste: This “Support Ticket” Into Your Forum Post.
Answer These Simple Questions The Best You Can.
If You Do Not Know, Or Do Not Use Something; Just Say So = Na

Strain; Type, Bag Seed, Or Na

Soil In Pots, Hydroponic, Or Coco?

System Type?

Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir?

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds

Indoor Or Outdoor

Light System, Size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation System; Yes, No, Size

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Add Anything Else You Feel Would Help Us Give You A Most Informed Answer. Feel Free To Elaborate, But Short, To The

Questions And Facts Will Help Us Help You

Strain; Critical Bilbo (big girl) and Gelato (little girl)

Soil In Pots

System Type? Not sure what you need here, but here goes. 3x3 tent, HLG 300L R-spec at 75% power.

Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir? usually all my pre-mix nutes are ph to around 6.5-6.8

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? FFOF so hot lol, started to mix it with coco on transplants

Indoor Or Outdoor: Indoor

Light System, Size? HLG 300L R-Spec (600watts)

Temps; Day (81 F), Night (77 F)

Humidity; Day( 51%), Night (maybe max 61%)

Ventilation System; Yes, 6" with filter mounted on the inside of tent. One external fan blowing fresh air inside and one fan blowing on the plant. Plan on 2 more fans for inside.

No Ac, Humidifier (yes-cool mist), No De-humidifier,

Co2; No

Using a mix of FFOF and coco in 5 gal fabric pots right now. Upon transplant a few weeks ago, they got really dark green from the FFOF. Now they are looking like this. I started Calmag yesterday, getting alittle better but there are some browning along the leaf veins. Doesn’t look like nute burn, may be wrong. Lights are 24/7 at approx 24 inches above canopy.

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I was thinking they were underfed first, but that usually comes from bottom up… Looking at your data may just be ph out of range. Or at least some sort of lockout. You should be able to measure ph and ppm of your runoff? That info would help a lot.

Also, your light can hit maximum recommended dli at full power on 12 hour schedule. At 75% should easily hit it on 18 hours or less. So no reason I see to run it for 24 hours.

Even during veg? What do you recommend I do for light time and output. I just ordered another tent setup that I’ll use for veg and use my current for flower, I want it to be spot on but have heard so many conflicting opinions on the matter.

As far a nutes, I have been only giving Cannazym, Rhizotonic, Calmag and Armour Si (silicon). I used FFOF as soil and heard no nutes until flowering.

That light at 60% for 18 hours is more than enough for vegging plants.

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cool thank you, what are your thoughts on nutes being that I’m using FFOF

I’m not a fan. But you can be successful with them and maybe some additives.

ok cool thanks