Very disappointed in the outcome of growth

I am very, very disappointed with the quality of the blueberry seeds I bought. It has been 6 weeks since I planted them, they germinated and are only 2 inches tall. I have a GREEN THUMB and have never had this type of outcome in my entire life of growing anything. I planted tomato plants in the same medium and they are 5 feet high and thriving.


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I’m not sure it’s fair to blame the seeds. Growing marijuana is not like growing tomatoes, they have very different needs. Do you have any pictures? Maybe we can figure out what the problem is.

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I had great success with my blue berry from ilgm

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growing marijuana is a close first to growing tomatoes. Medium/soil should have the same impact on both. Still very disappointed. Never had this type of outcome, 2 inches in the 6th week. Sad, sad, sad,I would like to hear from the owner of the ILGM site, and not the forum.

If you post something like this in the forum, you are going to get responses from those who have experience growing. I would have suggested filling out a support ticket so that you could get some help and figure out what went wrong, but it seems you’ve already made up your mind that you do not want the help.


Contacting ILGM directly would be my suggestion.


There are many factors in success with growing , I would have to agree w/ @Aolelon. Have you ever grown weed before klwinfla?

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@klwinfla contacting customer service through an email would be best.
As for the forum, you’re only going to reach all wonderful growers willing to help. @raustin is correct, tomato’s have very different needs nutrients, and light.
If they’re still growing, and you’re willing post a picture of them, any of us on this forum are willing to guide you to a successful harvest. We can at least tell you a lot of things not to do, and guide you to things that need to be done, like checking PH.
Happy growing and welcome to the forum.
Also welcome to the forum @Holmes


@Covertgrower You’d make a better politician than me. :wink:

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I am growing the Blueberry here she is At 5’ 6"


But any way I’ll bring in @latewood He is the next best thing to the head office.



@GetbackJoJo you should see me trying to sell something… :wink: Thanks for the compliment though. I do my best to add to the forum and it’s entirety. Isn’t that why we are all here?


yeah good luck with contacting these people

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences from ilgm customer service.

I put an order in three days ago and I can’t get anyone to email me or contact me about if they are going to ever get the money and send them to me so my experience has been awful and I hope that cancel and get my money back at least.

How were you paying? I’ve had some emails get sent to my spam folder.

A whole three days…WOW (is this too plain?)

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@raven Give it a couple more days. Depending on when you placed your order, it may be tomorrow before they confirm it. Also, depends on how you paid. If you sent cash, it’s going to take a few days. I know you’re excited about starting a grow, but hang in there. You won’t be disappointed.