Very confused about flowering

Well I’m back again and confused as usual.

My question is, I guess, are there plants that just don’t flower out? The 2 plants below will be going into week 12 of flowering this coming Tuesday. They are the same age and have been watered and fed from the same bucket since day 1. If the trichomes continue to mature as they are now the smaller plant will be ready to harvest on Tuesday. The large plant though just is not forming colas and seems to have just stalled out. The pistils on the scattered flowers have browned out and I’m just not seeing any new “white hairs” anywhere on the plant

. The blooms that are present have plenty of clear trichomes and there are a lot of sugar leaves but not nugg 1.

Does anyone have any ideas about what’s going on with this plant? Or, is it just a question of patience?

Patience my friend it will happen in time. I assume there outdoor plants so your at the mercy of the sun.
Or do u bing them in and out every 12 hr’!s


You are growing outdoors. Nothing to be confused about. The plant just like any other plant will bud and finish when it is time. The length to finish is variable due to conditions, and type of strain.

Pretty simple really; Unless you try to complicate it. :slight_smile: Happy 4th! See ya MOnday

Hey, dudes, hope you had a nice 4th of July.

Thanks for the responses and support. Sorry I didn’t repond sooner but I’ve had a couple of nasty weeks. The so called “funny bone” nerve in my right elbow had become pinched requiring surgery about a month ago. An outpatient procedure and no big deal right? WRONG! When I went in to get the stitches out a couple of them were torn. How and when/where that happened no one knows big shrug. Anyway as the nurse started pulling the existing stitches the incision started to open up like a zip lock baggie and at the end I’ve got an open wound about 3 inches long. Decision was to ust let it heal that way applying wet to dry dressing twice per day. Long story short the “hole” has continued to open to the point it is now 3" x 2 1/2" and hurts like hell with every bump or pressure it comes in contact. To top it all it’s my right hand. I’ve held an understandable amount of animous for many Islamics since 9/11 but gained a little insight as well over this. If I had been having to wipe my bum with my left hand for 20 - 30 plus years I would be really pissed off with everything, too.

Back to the plant we are talking about here. Really ti has just basically stopped growing. Pics below are from yesterday and “scoping” the flowers indicate that there are now about 1 - 2 amber trichomes out of each10 - 12. There are still 0 nuggs and no real move towards colas forming. The plant is now about 4 feet tall with a stalk as big around as your thumb and many of the leaves are starting to yellow very fast and fall off. If the stalk grows much more it will take a chainsaw to cut it, lol.

Other than what it takes to tote the plant in and out of the house there’s really nothing much to lose;. So I think I’m just going to continue feeding and watering as is until at least 40 - 45% of the trichomes turn amber then harvest unless something changes.

Thanks for looking and all help.

Peace! And Toke On.


I actually start this plant in hydro. Root rot set in at about 8 wks old and I had to transfer to Super Soil and 3 gal soft pots.The Amnesia Haze that grew up side by side with this plant (a Chronic + AK-47 cross) was flushed; left unwatered for 48 hours; and, today transferred to my curing/dark room for 48 to suck up all remaining stuff stored in the leaves, roots and stalk before manicuring and drying in glass jars.

Because of the situation, the plants were moved indoors and outdoors every 12 hrs.

She really don’t look ready yet to me.
But you say the trichome were about.
I really think you should have given it time to finish.
That is
A lot of work for anyone. If you haven’t chopped it down I’d let it finish. I ThinkPad Roberts nutrients if so. I’d give her some Mass. booster twice a week.
Wait…you already did a flush right?
Well I hope …well lemony sure what today at this point…Sorry.

B Safe

OK. I remember now. When you replant, from hydro yo soil; You basically; “revegitate” (MY word: TM) the plant. You have nice plants, and they are not ready!

You will know they are ready; When they are dripping with Resin

Hiya, garrigan, and thanks for the reply.

I am going to let the plant go until there no other choice but harvest or lose the whole thing. I scoped the flowers when I watered this AM and there’s still way, way more clear trichomes than anything else. But there aren’t any new “white Hairs” at all. All the existing pistils have turned brown. As I said I harvested the Amnesia Haze a few days ago with the grreat majority of trichomes cloudy and a few ambers here and there and have it hanging to cure now. Anyway the wife couldn’t wait so I cut a small bud 10 - 12 day ago that she cured. It was loaded with resin and dried very nicely. We loaded a little brass pipe full of it last night and we were very favorably surprised. It eas very smooth with a nice citrus taste. After 3 hits each we had the start of a great little head buzz. So I can’t but believe that the 8.75 oz yield we got from this little plant is really going to be some kind of “killer”.

So thanks for the great advice and we’ll continue watching the lone plant grow.

Peace and keep on toking, Bro.