Very Blueberry Happy


My very first grow was 2 White Widow & 1 Strawberry Kush from which I got a whapping 2 1\2 oz. I definitely screwed some things up. I no longer partake (that might have to change) but others seemed to like both a lot, so what the hell, I now knew more for grow #2 and had a lot of fun doing it. Grow #2 would be 4 Blueberries and my target yield was 2 1\2 - 3 oz. per plant, less = sad & more = very glad, I hit 13 oz. pulse change. Talk about getting stoked in a different way, then I started getting feedback and was honestly quite stunned, people were bonkers for my Blueberries. Now I’m really stoked so I’ve overhauled my grow area, have 2 White Widows, 2 Pineapple Hazes and 1 Strawberry Kush started and their my best looking baby girls so far. I made some mistakes but they were minor and now I’m better repaired so this go around I’m going to be dancing the SCROG. I have not had a single bad seed so far but still have 13 waiting their turn in the Refridge-Cryo Chamber. When the Ex. told me I needed to get a hobby I really doubt this is what she had in mind, but damn, am I ever having a good time. ILGM, now that’s an understatement. ILGM . :revolving_hearts: That’s a bit better.


Congratulations on your new found love! And on a great 2nd harvest.


Thanks @Nug-bug. My new girls don’t always listen but there are advantages over a wife.


Strawberry Kush is one of my favorites. I made a lot of mistakes last year with my first grow, but I’ve learned a ton from these posts on here and by my own mistakes.