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how do I do this

Can somebody tell until the end of the beginning ?
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Good job you did good translating, how can I be of help


I want to grow marijuana in a closed area
Where do I start, but I do not know
I would like to receive information from beginning to end


""I hope this helps every new grower out there to get their set up figured out, you will need to look up these things for yourself, I will just give you Company Names & Products to look up and do your own research on.

Wall Coverings:

  • White Paint
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Panda Plastic (Couple of different types, one is a thermal barrier the other is not)
  • Mylar sheeting (Emergency Foil Blanket)
  • Diamond Mylar
  • IR Barrier / Reflectix (Bubble Wrap Mylar)
  • Ocra Grow Film (Checkout their YouTube video & their website)

Keep in mind in Veg we want Blue lighting and in Flower we are desperate for Red, and even IR as well.

  • Fluorescent (CFL - T-5/T-8 HO, Standard) different light bands (Cool- Blue / Warm- Red)
  • MH- for Veg (Blue)
  • HPS- for Flower (Red)
  • LED’s- They are not all created equal, some are for Veg, others for Flower, some will let you run it in both… and still you have so much more to be worried about… all in all to see and really understand how HPS, other LED’s and things really stack up check out Platinum LED’s YouTube videos they will explain it and even do side by side comparisons of their different lights compared to HPS & competitors in electrical usage, the light spectrum your plant is getting and how intense the light is for your plant.

If you are really going to try to save a few dollars by buying Mars Hydro check out “We Are Mars Hydro” also on YouTube… I have never been more scared to death of any company as I was theirs after listening to them openly admit they wait for their customers to tell them of the problem and then look to fix it. Like when they admit they had problems with the electrical socket melting and so they changed to the “industry standard plastic” to make the socket out of. Or when they say they sold their new product line(s) until customers complained it wasn’t as good as the original, so they stopped selling them… I am not paying out money to test products for a company to see if it works for them! All in all I was shocked and horrified against their company, very happy I went with Platinum LED myself, best investment I’ve ever had on any light I’ve ever had.

MH & HPS ballasts are also not created equal… you may need a separate ballast for each type of bulb, or different sizes of bulb. Also do not forget they get HOT and anyone who has worked around them will have a few scars to remind them of just how hot they really do get.

Square pots will hold more soil/medium than a round pot and allow for a bigger root system and take up the same amount of space, keep that in mind because a bigger root system means a bigger plant. Cloth pots are cheaper than the other pots, Geo Pots are fairly cheap at less than $5 for a 5-gallon pot.

Carbon Filter
Remember No Smell = No Tell - No Cell… skimp on any other part of your system, but not a carbon filter! If a carbon filter is rated for 100-cfm they are assuming the room is 33-cubic feet and you are passing the air through the filter 3-times an hour in a sealed system. If you plan to scrub the air and vent it into the room, run a 300-cfm filter for a 100-cubic feet room. The more things you have it scrub for smell or humidity the shorter the lifespan… I’d rather pay more in a filter and less later down the line in problems…

As a new grower start with SOIL!!! Just buy a potting soil like Fox Farm’s Oceanic Forest, every greenhouse carries it and they are known for being the best in potting soils even for MJ growing… Mixing your own and all that is just asking for problems you won’t be able to get anyone’s help with, because nobody else will do it like you did. The same goes for fertilizers… pick a simple one to start with Fox Farm, General Hydroponics, or even a simple Veg A & Veg B (equal parts) by Cultured Solutions would be a simple way to go and they will even tell you how much you need of their stuff for one or more grows, they are also reasonably priced, cheaper than Fox Farm and everyone seems to love them.

Hydro is going to cost you 10-times the start up expenses as soil, and in soil if you screw something up it will show up in about a week… hydro has a problem and you had better be smart because you have to discover it and fix it within a couple of hours or risk your plants dying. pH swings is another issue along with checking you EC-TDS-PPM, and then the long list of issues from water weighing 8-lbs for every gallon, a shop vac for cleaning up, bio-film, algae, needing to clean and sterilize things between grows, water leaks can occur… How much RO water are you going to need every week and for water changes, RO system, RO Filters, or buying it and hauling it home from a store… Lets be honest about hydro here, it is a lot more than just grabbing the garden hose and filling your tank… where do you plan to drain all this highly rich fertilize water to feed some other plants? It will kill fish and wildlife if you do not handle it properly, and dumping it down the sewer will not go unnoticed by the algae bloom right back to your home!

I have seen a pretty cool Figure-8 Oscillating Fan, which really does an amazing job if you want air circulation in a room. If you are running a closed system you may consider running a Mixed Air Flow Fan, and you will see fans listed as Inline Fans, Squirrel Fans, Centrifugal Fans, etc… there is more to them than just the way they look… they are built very differently for a different reasoning… You will want to learn about “The Types Of Inline Fans” and that search did help me find lots of information to educate me about the types of fans, some are way easier to understand than others, I had to read several articles but it was worth finding out the Mixed Air Flow Fan was the best of all the fans for moving air from the floor to the ceiling, since CO2 is heavier I want it picked up and dropped in from the top of the plants.

Plan to buy a “Fan Speed Controller”, some companies make their own Fan Speed Controller to ensure the fan is not turned down to low which can result in fan motor damage I learned. I wanted both power and low electricity needs, and Hyper Fan stood up on every YouTube video I found of if against every other fan out there, the smallest they make is a 6-inch and it comes with its own Speed Controller and the only fan I would ever recommend for a fan for being quiet, powerful, and keeping the electrical need down.

Air Pump
Everyone always wants to know what size air pump do you need for your system, and everyone seems to have different answers… so let me direct you to the fertilizer company Cultured Solutions who also makes Under Current Hydro Systems and let them answer this as I think they have proven they know something.

"All Cultured Solutions® quantity recommendations are in mL/gallon and are based on our standard air delivery ratio of 0.75 lpm/gal. If you have supercharged your air delivery system you may need to reduce the recommendations by an additional 50%."

Water systems have different Clean to Waste Water ratio’s, check and be sure before you buy one. Also a lot of people have stated the “Commercial” version of the air pumps cost more than the standard version and they are a lot quieter, further decrease the noise by running a tube from the air intake port away from the air pump and pick up cool air for it. The pumps will run cooler and with less noise as well if you make it easier for the air to be pushed out by either more lines running to stones or bigger stones with larger tubes.

CO2 Systems

  • CO2 Bag - CO2 Bucket
  • Vinegar & Baking Soda (remember vinegar comes in a special plastic bottle for a reasoning)
  • Yeast & Sugar (will make alcohol and alcohol like vinegar will eat through plastics not meant to hold it)
  • CO2 Bottle (Cost $110 for a brand new CO2 empty bottle & $80 - 100 for a CO2 Regulator - solinod)
  • CO2 Generator (for large areas)
  • CO2 Bottle & CO2 Generator need a CO2 Controller to turn them on and off, the DEC-4 by Sentinel costs about $220 and it will control the Dehumidifier/Humidifier, CO2 (1100 - 1300 ppm’s preset), AC & heater as an Environmental Controller or the Titan’s CO2 Monitor for $200

CO2 systems are great but remember they just speed things up, so if you have a problem with pH your plants will show that problem faster as well. It is better to have your system figured out and dialed in and running correctly before you add CO2 and make your problems bigger problems faster.

Buy two pH Meters seriously and pH 4.0 & pH 7.0 to calibrate your meters, because 99% of the problems you will face will be pH related and not all pH meters are the same find out what kind you are buying! Some require you store them in distilled water, others require a storage solution, another requires being stored in pH 7.0 and others want to be stored dry… Store yours wrong and you could screw it up and destroy it, so store it right and have a back up meter encase you have a problem, the cheap ones last about a year and the expensive one’s about 5-years. Calibrate it once a month.

Buy a TDS-EC-PPM meter, one on Amazon is $15 and it reads in EC & TDS and tells the water temp in both modes in either C or F so you have everything you need in a single meter, you need to know the concentration of the fertilizers in the water you feed your plants… DO NOT JUST GO BY MEASURING!!! We start off at 1/4 of the recommended nutrients and slowing increase the EC - TDS until we find were the plant says its to strong and then we back it down and use those numbers to help us know how much fertilizers to give the plants.


  • Dewey Mister (runs only off an air pump and it spits and sputters air and water in aeroponics to get your clones started.) Cost about $12 - $16 and they fit in a 3-5 gallon bucket, use a black bucket and black lid.
  • Clonex - the most common cloning gel I’ve heard the most people talk about loving and using
  • The Clonex Kit and using everything will cut a few days off from the cloning process verses waiting a few more days
  • Invest in a really nice pair of spring loaded clippers you will be thankful you did.

Tide Bits To Help:
If you can ensure 100% no light of any kind during the entire flowering period you will increase your yield. How much to expect from your harvest… nobody knows the more you get right and do right the better the harvest. Bergman’s Lab says 1-lb in 12-square feet if I do recall correctly is what they say you can do if you follow their directions, and it is a great place to learn all you need to do to grow successfully. Remember for every mistake you make you are losing money, time and harvest yield it adds up to meaning it is worth spending the money to learn in Bergman’s Lab or pay it out repeatedly in lost yields and problems.

Do not use bag seeds, you know nothing about them… it would be like picking a car to drive your family around out of a newspaper without seeing it or knowing anything else about it. Don’t spend your time, money, effort, etc… on something you know nothing about. Spend the money buy female seeds and know the strain you are growing and what to expect from it, saves a lot of time, money, effort and problems down the line. One male plant can pollinate your entire crop and cut quality down by more than half and make for seedy buds, is chancing a male plant really worth it?

Plan to heat and/or cool your room, the humidity because you will want temps and humidity at different plants during different stages of growth. RO

Drying Time
Plan for a place to dry the plants that is not where you grow them, they will not all get done at the same time, it needs to be completely dark and you might seriously need to think about scrubbing the air in there because it is going to stink!""

This is another fellow growers post hope this helps


Thank you my brother good information

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Visit and buy a tent 60cmx60cmx160cm its cost around 300 Turkish liras.Buy 250 Watt mh-hps kit over its cost around 230 Turkish liras.And Buy 2 x ventilation put them below reflector to create air for plants to prevent diseases.If you have any question you can private message to me in Turkish!


aga türksen türkçe anlat beni translate ile muhattap etme :slight_smile:


bak şimdi a gir bitki yetiştirme kabinleri bölümlerinde 297 liraya bi kabin var 60x60x160 ölçüde onu al sonra a gir hazır setlere tıkla ampüllerde 250 watt hps-mh kiti al.Sonra yine o siteden iki tane 15 cm vantilatör al reflektörün altına kur ki hava sağlasın bitkilere hastalıkları önlesin. Sonra biobizz den bio bloom ve bio grow organik sıvı gübre al


This Guy is dont know English thats way i told him what to buy!


eksik olma başkan şuan için yapamasamda ilerliyen zamanlar için bilgi topluyorum ki acemilik çekmim o enson yazdıgını google saçma sapan çevirdi birşey anlamadım :slight_smile:

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Thanks buddy your awesome glad to have a translater here to help me out lol


you welcome buddy :blush: I want to ask you something.My white widow autoflowers are on the way! I am going to soak them in water for 24 hrs and after this period I am going to put them under 250 watt MH bulb.How far distance should be ?


Me personally would say 6-9", but best way to judge distance for the light is to hang it start at 6" above plant canopy and put the back of your hand above in this case where the seed is soaking to make sure it’s not to hot if it’s to hot for you its to hot for her, the top layer of where the seed is soaking should be 75-80 degrees :money_mouth: