Very ambitious first grow!

What strain… bruce banner: Skywalker og: black widow from ILGM
• Method: Organic soil
• Vessels: cloth bags
• PH of Water 6.7… for a reason unknown to me my soil was testing a bit acidic… this seems to balance it out nicely
• Indoor TENT 4 ×8
• Light system : LED ×3
• Temps; Day… 75 -80 Night… 65 -70
• Humidity; Day… below 40. Night…same
• Ventilation system; Yes, Size 2 6inch ac Infiniti fans plus a few small to circulate air
• De-humidifier,… yes
• CO2 … yes exhale xl bag…

So I started this grow on January 9th will attach the photos I have so far… then update weekly going forward. I know it’s alot of plants but I honestly figured I would kill most of them lol. Also I know some of the pics look different from the information listed… that’s due to a few changes i made along the way after getting some great advice in this and a couple of other groups!!!

This is where everything stands as of Tuesday the 11th… so going forward will update weekly on tuesdays… SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!


Just realized that these did not upload in the order i clicked them…SORRY …but its pretty obvious which are most recent lol…


Sure doesn’t look like a first grow haha nice job…soon you will have a jungle

Only concern…once you get into flower you will see how weak those burple lights are. Might give you some issues as far as the amount, the density, and overall bud development. What lights are those exactly?

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Yeah I figured that out already from another forum… luckily these have a switch so as suggested I just use the white light. I was just going to let this one run it’s course and upgrade the lights next go around … I am planning on getting 2 spider farmer SF4000 lights … but as they will run me about 1200 they will have to wait until after my vacation lol!

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I think you can buy two HLG 550’s for less and they are a better light.

You can discontinue this as it really is a waste of time space and money. The only way CO2 will be beneficial is in a closed loop system with VERY high intensity lighting. Even then you would want to be running a high pressure tank and regulator with partial pressures that are dangerous to be around.

Got it!!! As far as the bag…lol… but confused about the lights though because I actually ended up deciding on the spiderfarmer because it was about 500 cheaper and had equally good ratings … so am I missing something?

So decided to update today since I did some work on my babies yesterday… cleared out a bunch of leaves that were just in the way! They bounced back very nicely this morning. I have kind of separated them … tall ones together… short bushy ones together.


They use the same light diodes, but while the HLG says dimmable the SF4000s don’t mention this? Im sure a dimmer could be added? Maybe? You may wish to consult @dbrn32 ? A superior home build may also be an option at even less cost? I would certainly build my own. The builds for these lights is stupid easy.

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Spider farmer lights all seem to have something about them that would make them less desirable than an hlg light. In most cases it the driver they’re supplied with.

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Its the driver that separates these two lights as far as I can tell?

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Yes, although it seems like board voltages and currents have been brought into question by others too. I don’t have hands on knowledge of them, so difficult to form strong opinion. But doesn’t seem to justify being the same thing for less money.

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Well the old adage that you get what you pay for certainly counts in the lighting department. You pay premium for prebuilds, and it stands to reason, lighting companies like Fluence spend a lot in innovation and development. They unwittingly provide useful, and mostly free, build ideas for home builders as their components are advertised and publically available for custom builds.

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I really do like the performance of my fixture, but when it comes to replacement I will most definitely build my next one!

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If only I were more mechanically inclined lol… I just have to pay.

Looking really nice!

There is a pretty good video showing a light being made. Its seems relatively straight forward. Very few tools required and a quick build. Looks like if you can assemble an Ikea desk you should be good!

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