Very 1st Indoor Grow : is something wrong with these seedlings?

Doing my first ever grow. Have indoor tent, way too big, have a 550 Samsung quantum LED light to start with. Have a carbon filter, intake fan, humidifier etc.
I am using a organic soil from hydro shop and the guy says I don’t need nutrients with this soil.
I have 3 northern lights and 2 afghani seeds all have germinated and are growing but they seem to be growing really slow and their next lot of leaves that are growing are dark brownish? This is on the northern lights plants. The afghani ones are small and not seem to be growing much at all. First 3 plant pics are my northern lights and next 2 are the much smaller afghani.

I’m ph 6.5 feeding only water. Humidity is around 70% and temp around 23-25 degree Celsius. Any feedback would be appreciated! These are all 6 days old today

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Hmm some looks like they’re stretching a bit how low do you have the dimmer(what par value are they at roughly)

The light has a dimmer but no way to know the amounts so I just turned it a little down. They stretched when I had the light a lot higher and a friend suggested to lower the light which I did last night. I’m concerned about the colour of the new set of leaves on them and how small some are, maybe I’m being impatient???

Ok I think I might know what it is after isearched a dozen posts about purple seedling leaves and I think it’s from a heat swing since your light is so close to your girls it might be hotter right under so when it turns out for their sleep it suddenly cools down for them causing color change, that’s my best guess

Thankyou so much for your feedback! Very appreciated

I also researched and I think it could be me over watering and they have a phosphorus deficiency …

Yea I saw that to for larger plants with purple but how can they have a phosphorous deficiency when they’re this small still living off their baby leaves

Some of the higher end led’s can cause purpling.
And with your lights that close as in first couple pics it would make the most sense.
I’d raise them up to the 20 in mark and see how they do there. You can lower later as they grow a bit more.
I’d also cover the outside of the cups to keep light from your roots as they develop.
Although good for the above ground parts not so good for roots.


Thankyou so much

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Also, its not advised to use clear containers for plants. Roots do not like light.

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Overall, your seedlings look fine to me…as was mentioned the clear containers will cause problems with roots when they get to the outside edge of the soil. Place the clear containers in opaque containers or wrap them with opaque tape or paper.

Have raised light, covered the pots with black plastic, and will not water them as much. Thankyou all for your feedback!

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How often are you watering and how much? Do your containers have drain holes?

I’d raise your light looks way close to me be have been wrong before what’s your day time be night time temp?

I’ve been spraying them with ph6.5 tap water maybe twice a day when the soil on top looks dry and cracked? The temps are between 23 and 29 degrees Celsius…

No this early not a phosphorus dif the plant needs little at this state mostly requires at flower but leaves will turn purple but your strains natural colors can be deceiving! Some strains will change color natuallly and most of the blue|puroke strains will not change colors unless the temp is 20• cooler at night what size pot lite and nutes are you using

Not using any nutrients just this canna soil from hydro shop atm. They look a lot better today. Any suggestions on nutrients I’m in Australia so a lot Of nutrients people use in USA are different brands. Also, when should I start giving nutrients? The hydro shop guy reckons I wouldn’t need any in this soil until flower time? So much info on internet it becomes so confusing! Arrrrgh!