Verdict is out, ILGM

Thank you ILGM. I ordered a Mix Auto Pack a year ago and choose to hold back my comments until I had a few grows under my belt. I had trouble at first germinating the seeds and contacted ILGM. Being new and first-time grower, they answered all my questions and coached me through some newbie germinating mistakes. More importantly and with no hassles they shipped me new seeds. First, I was very happy get replacement seeds within the same week and even more pleased to find they threw in additional seeds that I expressed interest in that were not part of the mixed pack. I grew (7) plants (2-Amnesia Haze, 1-Blue Berry, 2-Northern Lights, 1-White Widow, 1-Jack Herer) over a couple of grows. Each plant developed Hugh sticky buds with LST and yielded approximately 4-5 Oz of dry weed within 12-15 weeks. With proper drying and curing, their smell, taste, and high was incredible. I also made water hash and edibles and have plenty of weed left over to make more. I’m so happy with my experience with ILGM (staff, easy payment, fast shipping, seed quality, yields, guides) that I purchased a Grow Kit as a gift for a friend and they are also successful with their grows. I still have several seeds left for future grows but I plan on ordering soon the new Auto CBD strain (Critical Mass) with lower THC/High CBD.

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Beautiful buds. I haven’t tried the Auto’s, but I want to. Right now I have more than plenty from my last grow that I want to use some or at least half of what I have before I opt to grow more. I bought more seeds from ILGM but they will have to wait. I had the Mixed Patriot girls. The Bubblegum is amazing if you want sleep. I find a little energy and can use it early in the day from Sour Diesiel. The AK47 gave me some of the prettiest buds but I haven’t tried it yet. It will be very good I am sure. Any way welcome to our community. I’m not growing now, so I am not on here all the time. I do miss the Forum and the growers. :herb:

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