Venting Questions - First time grower

Hello all! I will first go over what I am building. Then we can come up with the best option for ventilation.

I am planning a semi-stealth, small indoor grow on a budget.
I plan on having:
• Grow tent (LxWxH) 30"x24"x60". PVC pipe and Panda Film
• 1 to 2 plants. These will be stativas with low odour and low height.
• 6x 42w CFL lights. 3x 6400 lumens 3x 2700 lumens.
• Coco Coir grow media,
• flora hydroponic nutrients.
• ventilation??
• odor control??. different issue but it can play hand-in-hand with air flow.

I will be growing in a basement room in the closet. There is no air that flows through the closet.

I want to do my first grow as cheaply as possible without seriously sacrificing the quality. Being a first time grower I can’t justify spending more than $500 CAN on the total build…for now. My goal is to grow my own bud at a cheaper rate than any dealer could provide. ~$10/per gram. BC Bud is amaze-balls.

Question Time:

Can I get away with using a 4" inline fan only to create air flow and use Ona products to cover the smell?

The other question;

Could I get away with circulating the air inside the closet without negatively impacting the plants?

I look forward to hearing what your advice is. :slight_smile:

First in my experience if you really want awesome quality it will cost a few coins , but you can grow with that plan and you have to move aid somehow in and out the grow space . Recirculating stale air won’t give you that fresh cool air plants need to thrive and stale air lacks Co2 if it’s not vented . But a 4 inch centrifugal fan is perfect to scrub your air thru a carbon filter to help control the smell , but you’ll need at least a 6-8 inch duct fan to bring fresh cool air into the grow space . Now I’m not sure if Ona will cover up the smell completely cause I e never used those methods , but a 4 inch pulling stale hot air out the grow space thru a scrubber will work but you’ll need to bring Cooler fresh air in are your plants won’t thrive from the hot stale air recirculating . Even with CFL’s you’ll have some heat but not extreme , I mean any lights will generate some heat in small spaces , hope this helps !!!


Thank you Yoshi, that gives me a better idea of what I should finally choose. I had a feeling that the confined space would have stale air. Do you know of any resources on ILGM that can provide information on how to maintain stealth and be able to provide my dear plants with fresh air that they need?

I’ve seen a lot of online resources that Ona products will do the job.I know that you should not put Ona in the same air space as your plants when they are flowering because it will affect the smell and taste.

To anyone who sees this post, what is your personal experience with Ona products (In terms of effectiveness)?

I can invite a few members that have more experience and tons of information on your plan , but I didn’t say Ona didn’t work , me myself personally never used that method to cover the smell . I only used a carbon scrubber with a 4 inch inline centrifugal fan I’d the only way I’ve hid the smell . But Latewood , Macgyverstoner , Garrigan62 , Majiktoker , and about 10 more members will be glad to help answer your questions on your stealth project for growing , I’ll invite a few and they’ll chime in once they get the invite Sir .


thank you so much!

here check this kit out I’m sure it has all you need there are other packages as well.

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“Can I get away with using a 4” inline fan only to create air flow and use Ona products to cover the smell?

The other question;
Could I get away with circulating the air inside the closet without negatively impacting the plants?"

To answer your question, I wouldn’t use ona products especially if the ruin taste and other things. A 4" online fan with a carbon filter is a great way of covering the smell, however you cannot just let air recirculate in the grow room without providing fresh air. It would lead to stagnant air and your plants will be very unhappy, you can use a 12-18 inch cyclone fan to bring the fresh air in that would work great, otherwise a 20" box fan right outside the grow room to bring it in (personally is use a 12"-16" to bring air in).

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Awesome idea! Box/cyclone fans are at a good price.

Since stealth is a bit of an issue, in the worst case scenario, could I intermittently refresh the air by opening the closet and run the fan when i am home from work?

Yes that would work but leave the fan on them 6-8 hours at a time I think plants like to replenish their fresh air every hour or every other hour, I leave my fans on constantly, however worse case scenario yes you can do that

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Thanks for telling me how you have your fans set up. I have a better idea on how to set up. I’ll have to secure the room that the grow tent will be in. Ill have a lock on my bedroom door in order to give my dear plants the proper air flow.

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Sounds good keep me updated, and my flowering room has a 20" box fan and a 4" fan veg room has 2 12" oscilatting fans

I got sorta the same question I got a small grow area with 5 Northern Light auto flowers and they r stinking my house up. As of now there just in a sealed box with a small 4 inch fan. I don’t know nething about carbon filters or how they work. I’ve been trying to use scent killer and candles to mask the scent lol. Let me know what u think. Any advise will be appreciated thanks.

You need at least a 190 CFM Ventech centrifugal inline fan and carbon filter to scrub your grow area to help remove smell and stale air to keep plants with cool fresh air to continue to bloom .

If the flange is reversible it’s time to flip it, or change the carbon???

If I may interject I have two 4inch fans one on the bottom of my grow tent and one on top and it’s working fine

something like that might make a decent starter package…might need to add another $15 worth of flex duct…

STRETCHNESS4000MODEL@GMAIL.COM I have used a ionizer when it gets close to budding relatively cheap and easy could use sooner