Venting grow room outside?

Wondering if I would be able to vent my exhaust outside with out a filter??? Any thoughts???

As long as your on 5 acres with no neighbors around , if not , your whole neighborhood will smell like bud once they start flowering… :wink:


I vent mine out with no filter. But as mentioned I have space but when I pull in get out of my truck BOOM :boom: hit with that beautiful aroma!!! Pending on what state your in that may or may not matter to you though.


Am in the final weeks of flowering. Though it smells in the room it doesn’t smell that much outside. Just trying to grow alittle more so I don’t have to buy anymore.


I exhaust outside through my gas fireplace vent. When I start noticing odor, I place some dryer sheets in the vent. Then it just smells like I’m doing laundry.


Even in a legal state, I wouldn’t want a beacon announcing it. Keeping it stealthy is a good idea for lots of reasons besides legality.


I just let the room smell like a great marijuana farm. I don’t need my Meth head neighbor smelling that side of the house on the outside. He is one creepy drug addict and I would hate to have to apply the Castle Doctrine Bill.

Because he is the type that would break in.