Venting again(odor)

So I’m pre worried about smell even though I have ac infinity 6inch into a 5x5. I have a hole in the wall that goes to a bathroom cabinet thought I could vent the whole room that the tent is in one more time into Bathroom. Would this help or should I just patch that hole and use a more informed method. Any advice on this room is 11.5x11x8 LWH.

How close to you neighbors? Have garden outside?, aromatic plants like rose Mary very low maintenance and really smelly , aromatic self sprayers , pinesol , seal you area , a good carbon filter and your cloudline 6 should sufficient

If you are pulling air through a good filter from your tent you will be fine. If you are still worried then wait until you have some plants flowering, then open your tent… If you got smacked in the face with the wonderful smell of weed then you haven’t ben desensitized to the smell so its not bad enough for the neighbors to smell ( unless you are in an apartment) @Yogastoned

I am running a 6in fan w/ carbon filter, out of a 5x5 24hrs a day. I can’t smell a thing. Im late in the flower as well. You should be ok

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Sweet. Neighbors aren’t up close but would like to stay scent free if you know what I mean. I just like to be safe and secret.

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if scent is a concern carbon filter is the way to go!!! have longsleved working clothes in case you have to handle them while in flower. just yesterday I went in working shortsleved my arms were all sticky and I just lucky I didnt have to go anywhere because i was smelling like a flowering plant…