Ventilation system what is preferred

do I need a ventilation system for one plant will it help keep the smell down I’m growing in a closet with grow tent 3 x 3 x 72 five gallon buckets dwc

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It depends. If you live somewhere where the extremely pungent odor of marijuana isn’t going to draw undue attention to yourself, then you’ll be fine.

I use this in my 3x3 tent

exhaust fan and filter

just filter

I use that fan and the second filter with great results. If you are going to stay in a 3x3 tent then just get the 4 inch models



Also different strains have different bouquets. Some are very strong while growing esp in flower. I once almost bought a strain on another site till i found out while in flower it smells like cat urine. My tents in my bedroom so it was a definite no! Your exhaust fan will help pull out heat as well as smells.