Ventilation system keeping humidity low

Just installed a ventilation system in my 2x2 grow tent (I’m starting to realize I should have gotten a bigger one). The system is keeping the humidity much lower then I want it (50%). How do I keep my humidity up to 65-70% while still running the system?

if it’ll stay at 50% u r good for the entire grow veg to jar.!
70% RH can cause problems indoors, i suggest 40-50% ‘year round’.

if u need to adjust RH with the ventilation then get an over-sized fan and use a dimmer.!!

Hello @jjbeck1218
Without additional info it is difficult to give you some direction.
What size inline fan? Can you adjust its speed?
What temps are you maintaining during lights on/off
There is a relationship to the RH (relative humidity) and the temperature of the air and as your temps go up your RH will go down assuming your not adding moisture with a humidifier.
How old are they? Are they seedlings, are they vegging or in flower?
51% humidity is within a good range for veg and early flower.
A little low for seedlings (use a humidity dome) a little high for later flowering (use a dehumidifier)
If you need to raise just your humidity add a small humidifier.

Hope this helps and HAGD

50% isn’t bad. If you want to raise it try slowing fan or choke off some of the intake.

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I picked up a remote thermostat off Amazon for under $20. Set the temp where you want it and it will cycle on and off to maintain temps. You will get some fluctuations but they aren’t huge.

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I’m on day 11 so they are still seedlings. This is my first grow, I read humidity needed to be 65-70. I’m good at 50%?

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At that young age, you want a lot more humidity. Just use your fan to control the temperature for now and don’t worry about the humidity in the tent.
What you need to do is create some humidity domes to place over your plants. Cut the top portion off of a 2 liter soda pop bottle, spritz the inside of it with water and place it upside down over your plants.

Depending on the temperature inside your tent, you may need to spritz your domes twice a day. Just check them and see how the moisture content looks.

If your plants are already in their big pots, you can still use the humidity domes like in the photo above.



a week (~ish) above ground and i introduce them to 50% RH,
low light still, but get them used to ‘normal’ conditions,
this makes the roots branch out.!
this is okay conditions,
some pics would get a better idea of where they r at.!

Humidity domes are great in the beginning.
I’ve got this hooked up to one of my exhaust fans.

There may be cheaper or easier to use units, but it keeps my humidity in check.