Ventilation suggestion

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m starting out with a 15’-15’ flower room and 8’-8’ veg room. What would be your suggestion for ventilation. Fresh air to the floor, exhaust charcoal filter at cielling in flower room. Will I need fresh air in my veg room? I have a 8"-850 cfm inline fan. Do you think I’ll need a intake fan in conjunction with the exhaust. Any thoughts on this? What are your thoughts about running a co2 setup?
Will be growing 12 plants in the room

You will need CO2 , and you must bring in at least half of what the exhaust is ventilating . So if you moving 850 cubic feet per minute exhaust , you will need to bring in at least 400 cubic feet per minute of fresh air , or you will be taking more air out than bringing fresh air in , unless your air unit can supply enough cool Temperture to keep up , hope this helps , but I’ll invite the science officer for his opinion .

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