Ventilation issues

This is what I did, I was getting a balloon effect then I moved the filter so that the air is blowing into it, instead of air pulling from it. Then added a speed controller and now the walls slightly pulling in. I have a 5x5x8 tent and a 400 CFM fan. Is this ok??

Hello, yes you want your fan to suck air out of your tent with a scrubber filter to reduce your smell, well not your smell the smell of your plants lol. The walls being sucked in is negative pressure just open the vents around the bottom of your tent to allow better airflow this draws cool air in while sucking the hot air out of the top. The only problem with that is during your dark period you have to close the vents to block the light from coming in. You can also buy a second fan they have the cheaper inline fan to use as an intake fan. I actually use my intake fan with a 4" Y fitting to blow directly onto my two led boards to keep em cooler.

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