Ventilation Issue

I am a new grower and have just had shipped my order of seeds today.
I am planning to grow a maximum number of TWO plants at a time. I have plenty of room in the basement where I don’t have a source of “fresh air”. Is the basement air fresh enough?

my basement is dry and we use a forced air furnace to heat, always circulating the air in the cellar through the house and I consider it fresh enough…
what are the conditions in your cellar? Damp, dripping pipes, spider webs & puddles with flickering lights from a horror movie or a clean, dry, family safe place to live in?

a private basement is one of the best places, imo, to grow, if you don’t mind the eventual fragrance from the flowers.

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Thanks for your input, kabongster.
We don’t use the basement for daily living. I have a utility room in there where the furnace, the hot water tank and the sump pump are functioning well. A few years ago, we had some flooding after which some mold grew on some of the plaster boards.
Those were removed and discarded and plenty of bleach has been sprayed all around. I also have a crawl space, which I don’t use. In the spring and summer time, I can leave the windows open letting some fresh air.

I live in the Midwest and I can’t afford to keep the windows open now when it gets quite cold. But I hesitate to spend time,efforts, and money to place a long duct through the crawl space to bring in some fresh air. I am not sure it is necessary.

Thank you for your input, again.

the duct work , I’m guessing, could be as simple as 6" flexible aluminum ducting with a couple of 6" in-line fans, $60-$80.

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If you have the crawl space, I’d definitely use it, sounds like the perfect setup!

ktreez420, thank you for your help.
The crawl space is a low ceiling area where you can’t stand and you can only crawl to move around as the name implies.
Where there are no heating ducts traversing, the distance from the bottom to the joist is 4 feet, and 4 feet 9 inches between the joists.

I understand that the plants may grow 6 feet or more, the crawl space doesn’t seem to be a ideal place to grow cannabis plants. Since you said it looks like the perfect setup! (exclamation mark is yours), I love to hear your reasoning for your enthusiasm.

Well I also grow in a basement. And I was thinking for your setup that you would run your duct through the crawl space. I didn’t know you meant you wanted to grow in there haha! The basement is a good place to grow in my opinion. If you could post some pics I would love to see and maybe help out if I could.

That is what I was thinking, run the duct work thru the crawl space, as ktreez420 mentioned.
How big is your utility room grow area?
At 4’9", and a pot is 10", a light hangs down 12", your 57" crawlspace isn’t enuff.

Thanks. I was somewhat confused for a while.
It is nice to know that I will be able to run a or two ventilation ducts through the crawl space if that is what I need.
I will post some pictures later when I actually start to work on the project.

We all agree on this point. :smiley: