Ventilation in cold climates

I am in a cold weather environment. Would like to vent out of a room without it looking like a dryer exhaust. Is that possible? Don’t want vapor out a window. Or am I better off cracking a window open? Temps today are around 16f.

Is it possible to vent to the attic


Cracking a window has its own issue with condensation over long periods of time and the windows can freeze shut or have water damage. Creating a stealth vent out your window is the best method, dryer vent and a sheet of foam board insulation is the cheapest and easiest way but I have seen people get very crafty.

Some have ripped apart AC units and used the plastic shielding to covet the dry vent and foam board etc.

I vent out my window via duel 6" ducts at -47*F

However if the window is that big of an issue to you then you may be better off looking into a co2 option like a TNB cow bottle and refill packs, or a proco2 maker, a mushroom bag exhale XL works as well just not as good from what I hear.

How many plants /space?

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One room has a 5x5 and a 4x4 twelve or 16 total. The other a 3x3 has regular marigolds, cosmos etc.

Any way to tie into your dryer exhaust? Just make your venting look like you’ve got your dryer running a lot.

Nope. Upstairs. Dryer is down.