Ventilation in a 2x4 ft closet

Have had 3 very disappointing grows. Time to rethink everything. With other questions I have posted I found my lighting was very subpar for the bloom stage. Have better lighting ordered, thanks Mac G and Iva. Now I need to find out more about ventilation. I have a 2x4x8 foot closet I’m using for my grow room. I currently have a 4in inline fan that I’m using to draw air out with. I would use my door left open to bring the fresh air in. I would like to be able to keep the door shut so I’m thinking of putting a wall register in the door so I can have good air flow. It would have louvers so I would be able to adjust air flow as needed. Would this work and if so what size register would I need to install?


Is the fan a vortex style 4 inch ?
If so I use the same size in my 1.2m x.65m about the same as your space
I found it was moving too much air and added a inline speed controller and have it on the lowest setting

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No I have an Active Air inline 4in ACDF4. But I do have the speed controller that works very well.

If you’re going to be using this room for a bloom room as well then the luvers are going to end up biteing you in the pants because you will end up with light leaks one way or another more than likely and that will cause problems with your plants in flower…


thanks peachfuzz almost made another mistake. Didn’t think of that. thanks again.

No prob , love helping , it’s in my blood… Lol… Sometimes it’s better to have more then one brain working on the problem , not because your not smart but because u might not even be thinking of that , whatever that is… Lol … Love ilgm for that…