Ventilation for newbie grow room

Hi, I am not sure what size fans I should get for my first grow room? I converted my shed 12’×6’

, I have one window that I was going to bring air in through a window fan and I was just thinking about punching a hole on the other side at the top for my air to go out?? Please feel free to leave responses thanks

Wow I’m drooling over the possibilities to vent something of that size I’m pretty sure your going to have to have a good exhaust. Let me call in a hvac guy @Countryboyjvd1971

pulling air out is usually more efficient than running positive pressure

Lol, right now I am only going to use a little under half of the space, but I am not putting a grow tent in the shed, I am leaving it wide open but growing 5 plants in a 6’×6 area

at home depot getting ininsulation now and I got this plastic vent to use when I cut a hole in the shed, probably will just put a fan on the other side of this thing to discharge the air


I am on a really tight budget now cuz I spent 90% of the money i set aside for this on a light thinking I can upgrade every thing else later if I want lol


As far as smell wise 2 of these 6 in corded duct fan will do the trick,they have in stock at home depot. As far keeping fresh air on plants to keep away mold a good 15$ fan from dollers general

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