Ventilation concerns for my 4x4 grow tent

I have a 4x4 grow tent very close to a sliding window, so close I can run the aluminum ducting from the tent to the open window from the inline fan in the grow tent. I originally bought a 4’’ ac infinity inline fan but returned.
I was originally going to replace it with a 6’’ inline fan but I’ve decided 8’’ inline fan is better for the size of the tent it’s being used for.
I was planning to get a charcoal filter to use in the grow tent but I don’t think I need a charcoal filter because I’m running the aluminum ducting from the inline fan inside of the tent directly out the window???

Any experienced indoor growers growing inside of a tent that can clarify if I even need a charcoal filter for my setup?

I plan to just attach the ducting to the fan connect it to the window and have the fan running inside of the tent during veg bloom and final stages of curing.

experienced perspectives are welcome.


As long as the smell won’t be a problem, you can run without a charcoal filter.


thats what i’m trying to determine… im also going to be using a ona block to neutralize any unwanted odors… if i can save 200$ by not purchasing a charcoal filter my setup doesnt need thats makes it a little less expensive. @Zee

The smell at the end of flowering is very very potent. Imagine a semi truck hitting 100 skunks.

Masking smells versus a filter, which eliminates it are two different things.

I understand your question, they’re maybe alternatives, let others chime in.


Welcome to the community ! 6 inch exhaust fan will be plenty efficient for a 4 x 4 tent. I do recommend a variable speed on your fan. As @Zee mentioned without the carbon filter exhausting outside you’re probably going to smell it when you pull up in the driveway. Especially the last month of flowering stage.
Good luck