VenTech VT IF-4-B Inline Exhaust Blower Fan with Variable Speed Controller, 190 CFM, 4"


All you need is to buy this and find a 4" carbon filter to attach for optimum refreshing air.


Nice little fan


OK. Let us do the math.
4’x4’x7’ = 112 CF
CFM is Cubic feet per minute. So it would require a 112 CFM of exhaust one minute to refresh a 4’x4’x7’ tent. There is no such thing, but a 190 even if only operating at 50% or 95CFM would exhaust and refresh this size tent in approx. 80 seconds.

So; you can disagree; However, the math proves you wrong.

Another note. Any fan size will do. It is only a matter of how fast, or how long a duration is necessary to recycle the tent completely.

This can easily be done with the fan I posted. Good day now, lw :slight_smile:

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My bad. My math was way off then. When I started my project I came up with 448 cubic feet lol. Carry on gentlemen. That’s why I went 8in. I feel kinda stupid now


I see where I went wrong. I had done 16 times 28 instead of 16 times 7 ft tall. Thanks @latewood for the correction. That’s why you da team leader!
My ventilation system is exchanging the whole room in a min. Lol


Most important thing is that we are all trying to help :smiley:
I actually used an 8" inline duct booster fan. No nearly as powerful as an inline vortex. I had it laying around from my old latewoods lab grow era, and it fit tightly into the port. :slight_smile:

Anyway; Glad I could get you the correct formula. That was kind of funny. Peace

Happy holidays all!


So me and the cool guys at work had a nice little laugh about this. Hahaha one of them brought me their Fundamentals of HVAC book and suggested I read it before I make an ass out of myself again lol but then takes it back and says just kidding that’s a hundred dollar book lol


I have 2 of them and they work great


Thats funny. You are an HVAC man…LOL


I’ve been in the service department for like 8 years now. As you can tell I haven’t sized a house or room for that matter since I was being trained. Lol