Vent through existing home ducting

Hi im wondering if anyone out there with some HVAC knowledge would say to using the heat ducts in my basement bedroom to vent out of. I have no window.
Would it ruin anything in my house?

Or how about the bathroom vent fan? I would use a carbon filter on the exhaust

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Lol venting through your existing heat ducts won’t work as most furnaces have dampers to prevent heat loss when not running. However if you mean venting through the furnace exhaust yes it is feasible. I prefer this method as it justifies the heat and usually in basement setup it’s fairly close but bathroom fan works too but as a roofer by trade I will warn you condensation in your attic is very costly most furnace exhausts are insulated reducing this potential problem

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I personally vent through a spare bathroom exhaust, but insulated it to prevent condensation inside. I also draw my air in from the front room for co2 reasons via a discreet hole cut behind the couch with a 6" intake mounted and filtered infron of it. If you ever look at it, I looks like a furnace intake albeit smaller than standard.

I was a heating Tech, I’m going to vent through my existing floor duct in the warm season and dissipate the heat/odor into one or more closed, unused room vents.

In the cold season I vent the heat into the grow room because it’s unheated


Right now my grow room is heating my bedroom to a comfortable 72 degrees …lol!

…unfortunately it’s working too good because the temperature in my grow room is 64, the flower room is 68, and veg room is 70, down 7 & 9 degrees respectively! …it’s 50 degrees out now, was upper 30’s overnite.

We’re having an unseasonable Cool Spring, only mid 50s for the next week, so I could redirect the heat out of the vent and back into the grow room (which I intend to do in the really cold weather) but then I’d have to put the heat back on in my house.

I can also close the vent in my bedroom and the filtered exhaust redirects to any/all of 3 first-floor rooms (grouped closely together), but I noticed nothing but cool air comes out downstairs. I think by the time the air reaches downstairs the heat is absorbed into the metal ducting, but still I’m lovin’ this venting system!

My grow box is in my basement where I utilized an abandoned heater flu to exhaust my air outside. Keeps everything smelling nice until you open the cabinet :nerd_face:

Hello experts,

I have a ‘nibe’ heat pump in my airing cupboard / grow room which has an intake and an exhaust. The intake comes down through the ceiling and into the top of the nibe. The exhaust goes out the top of the nibe and up through the ceiling. I have used a y-shaped piece to run a piece of ducting off the exhaust and into an inline fan to drag air from the room as well as from the nibe.
1.Is this okay?
2. Can I add another y-splitter, ducting and inline fan coming from the intake so that the cool air coming in is divided between my nibe and the room?

I did a really good drawing of the setup but I don’t think forum takes drawings :slight_smile: so that was a waste of time!


I was being stupid about the picture - here it is. The green exhaust part is what I already have and the grey intake part is what I would like because my existing passive intake is just too hot even with a fan (it is a rubbish fan) and bowls of ice.

Thanks again!

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