Veins seem to be turning yellow

Two plants indoors. One going great, leaves beautiful Both have had the exact same soil, nutes, etc. but one’s leaves are as in the photo. I haven’t seen a chart (and they’re too small to read) that shows the vein areas getting yellow first. What’s going on? Not sure how to post my photo.

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Oh, I only found this when I hit reply but it was not an option that I could find on my original post

Can you tell us how much you’ve been feeding, what product, how often, and the PH going in and out?

I’m using Fox Farm trio at half strength and have started adding 1/4t. Open Sesame, 1t. Bloom City’s Organic Clean kelp, and 1/2 t. Recharge. Not sure of the ph as I didn’t ph it as my first grow had no problems. I drenched the plant and ph’d what came out and it was high but am not sure how accurate it is because there were some old dried nutes in the pan. I have both plants tied to the sides so it won’t be easy to get the pans out to clean or test but they are sitting on racks so not to sit in what comes out. But the other plant which has been treated the same is fine.

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I would increase the strength at how much your feeding.
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, was on vacation. Happy growing!

Interesting. Some on Facebook have told me it’s nutrient burn.