Vegging AK47 Indoor Grow

This is my first grow. I have 3 AK47 seedlings that are just a week old. How long should the veg stage be?

4-12 weeks depending on the grower schedule , but you can veg 4 weeks , 8 weeks is about standard inside growing time , are extend it longer for much more bigger plants .

8 weeks total grow time including flowering? Or 8 weeks veg, 8 weeks flowering? Im also curious about something else. I have just enough pvc sch 40 to put together a scrog net. When should I start training my plants? And thank you, yoshi, for your input. You, and everyone on this forum are so very helpful and generous with your knowledge.

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About 8 weeks is pretty standard for the time the plant needs during flower, average, depending on the strain, it might finish a week earlier, or some strains take as long as 12 weeks to finish flowering.

How long you veg it mostly has to do with how big you want the plant to get.

From seed, at least a solid two weeks are generally needed minimum for veg time.

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I’m not quite sure on screen scrogging yet , but I would think you can veg the plant long enough to fill the screen almost 1/2 or 3/4 full , and than switch to flower if that’s what you asking . But again , I have not experienced a screen grow as of now . Hillcrest might can give you his input , being he just harvested a gold leaf scrog and just about to start another one here in the forum I’ve seen , maybe that could get you some Intel on your question . But the science officer is right , you can veg for 2 weeks if needed , or 4 , it’s a matter of choice in some honestly .

From seed you need to veg at least 4 weeks, but 8 is better if you have the headroom or plan to train the plant low in the room.

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I have an 8ft ceiling in my grow closet. And I do intend to try a scrog net. This is my first grow so Im kinda learning as the grow progresses.

Would you happen to have s feeding schedule for the ILGM boosters?

Maybe this can help if it’s ILGM booster nutrients ?


Following the directions on the bottle tends to work well.

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