Veggie state with budding sites

Sorry if this has been around before, haven’t found the topic. Some one had said that on autoflower plants you also cut the branches for more budding sites. I am reluctant to do this as my first time grow and don’t want to ruin my plant. It appears there are budding sites on the branches and I don’t want to try cutting them off. Should I just leave the plant alone? I did fim the top and it appears to be growing fairly nice, no stress from it.
Thank You for any info.

I’d leave it alone at this point

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Thanks, that is what I am thinking myself. I love your doggie, I am a huge animal fan, especially dogs, had seven roaming through my house all at the same time, loved them all and they were all extremely happy, down to three now, one was a guard dog in Afghanistan and it took a long time to turn him into a loving pet. He cries for hugs and kisses and lovingly do it.


My first grow I took very few chances… my philosophy was please don’t kill them all and later I’ll worry about yield


I have two girl scout cookies in my 3x3 tent and both are nice bushes. I spent the extra cash and did two in line duct fans, humidifier, two sf1000 grow lights and oscillating fan. I also have an old photoron that I converted with two fans and humidifier, just completed germinating godfather auto and once it sprouted I transplanted into a five gallon bucket of fox farm and the plant is growing, must love the soil. I am super happy to see the results of all of this. As a disabled vet, I just cannot afford the high price of weed anymore so I have done without so I could afford my own tent and supplies. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out ok.



Love hearing part of your story. Great motivation and am 100% behind you!

My last grow I did a little experiment with leaving one plant au naturel with no lst etc.

In that case, did not make much of a difference. Here was my result. You can do it too!



Can you possibly post a picture of your plants? Would love to see them

I’ll try getting some photo’s, just not sure how to do it with my phone. Can’t wait for my plants to harvest, they sure do help my head. I am 100% PTSD from two years of heavy combat in Nam 67-69. Most nights I am back there and my wife just leaves me alone in my nightmares. I have been found under our bed, in the closet and built a bunker in the snow in the middle of the night. They found me the next day hubbled there in just my underwear, no shoes or shirt. Not that bad anymore but still yelling in my sleep. 25 years of military and it didn’t help get rid of the pain. I have been in every combat zone all that time. I did 13 years army and kept taking courses on aeronautics and finally became a flight engineer in the air force for 12 more years on the C5 aircraft and the C141 aircraft touring every country in the world, some places where we weren’t supposed to be. My first tours in the army were of a paratrooper scout carrying the M60 machine gun. I was third generation machine gunner scout, my grandfather WWI, dad WWII landing on Omaha Beach second wave on D Day. My son took over and became a scout as a heavy weapons specialist and squad machine gunner. All of us had the magic number 3 as all four of us got hurt three times. Hope I didn’t bore the shit out of you but this is why I need my special medication. I refuse to take the VA meds as I am not going to sit in a corner looking out the window drooling on myself. I boxed in the army and air force and got in martial arts to calm the animal in me, helped keep me cool. At 74 I still practice but don’t compete any longer. I never considered my bouts as gentlemanly as all I wanted to do was kill the other person in the ring with my bare hands. I try to stay fit and am always ready for some dick to fuck with me so I can surprise the shit out of them. We live twenty minutes from Atlantic City and my wifes hobby is playing the slots. I usually hang on the boardwalk or just walk around meeting other Nam vets there. It is a rough place and I feel comfortable there and fully prepared. Even though I haven’t had any smoke in a few months I have managed to stay calm. I have a nice collection of electric guitars starting at the age of nine. Played in many bands and still play everyday, mostly rock and blues. I have chuck Berries red gibson guitar and BBKings black Lucille guitar. Also Eric Clapons Fender. All my guitars I have modified to match the specific bands with all new pickups and electronics. Probably 20 electrics by now. I have many amplifiers around the house and many effects pedals and rack system. This helps me keep my head together. Haven’t played in a band in about five years now, just too tired to spend every moment out of the house. My other hobby in HO scale model trains, haven many of those to occupy my time, just trying to keep my head together and not sit and stare into space doing nothing. I am lucky that my wife supports everything I do, so I support our weekly trips to AC. She still works and makes great money so I can’t complain about AC. She is usually lucky there but loses her fair share also.
Well, guess I put you to sleep by now, short few lines turned out to be a novel, thanks for listen, or should I say reading!


Wow. Your family sure has served our country well. Thank you. May your harvest be plentiful and fun.

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Thank you for your service!!!

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I personally top my autos once then let them do their thing , any more and you risk hermying the entire batch .

Thank You, appreciate that.

Beautiful trim job!!@virginiaGrowBoy!

The best thing u can do if ur not comfortable cutting anything is to leave it alone and just do lst training on ur plant

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@M60Gunner are you a veteran? I ask because of your user name. And if so, thank you for your service!! I’m in the same boat. I got tired of going broke supporting the cartels. Like yourself, I invested, and I have gotten just a high watching these plants grow, in hopes that all my time and effort will pay off. Unlike you, I did everything they said not to do. Transplanted, topped, defoliated, super cropped lolipopped…… over watered, under watering. Though some were not intentional…. :joy:. I have some happy girls. I don’t have the biggest buds. But I still have 4 weeks or so of flower left, and looks like I’m going to half a bunch of golf balls. To answer your question though. I just cut any branches that are below the canopy, or are small and don’t appear they’ll produce. I was able to get 15 solid colas per plant. And by cutting the lower branches. My hope is the plant will force all its energy into the colas.


And just read your post!!! Thank you for your service brother. I can’t imagine the horrors you cans all of our service members have had to endure!

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What a life of service. I can’t even imagine such sacrifice.

Maybe time for things to go your way now with growing being some therapy in itself.

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@M60Gunner there’s a very small window of opportunity available with stressing an auto and having time for it to recover and put out the additional yield you were after. But it’s never to late to pull your branches down and out with ties to the pot to get your light penetrating deeper. Spread that girls legs lol.

Spread the girls legs for a better bush! Plants are looking good right now have been pulling them down for more light

I hear ya brother. The few street skirmishes Ive been in after the military I completely blacked out and I guess went nuts on assholes, cant remember a dam thing I did, just the before and after. I stay busy lije you, or try to, I just cant stand sitting around on my ass much and dont have much patience for BS or the ones who dole it out.
The VA takes care of me too aling with meds. I get what I need I guess, helk Im not a Dr so I gotra trust somebidy right?
My old man was in Korea and grandaf was WWII though all I kniw was he was in the army. My Dads younger brother was Ranger in Nam.
My Dad made me when he came back from Korea. From what I know he was UNPFK and worked with a navy small boat crew doing insertions and extractions over the DMZ.
The old man had an extremely hard edge about him and seemed to always try to puck a fight…with anyone. Me, I try to avoid confluct and get very pissed iff when pushed, hence the blackouts I rekon.

Anyway, I know somewhat where you are coming from.
Take her easy man and we are with you.