Vegetative time is it enough?


I let it veg for 2 months now because I wanted it to grow a bit bigger, is there any downside to this or it’s not a problem?


I don’t think that’s an issue in itself but don’t forget they will stretch and almost double in height when you flip them to flower. You want to make sure you have enough room or lst the sht out of em!


No problem for me! 2 months is perfect IMO.

@jusgettinby FYI you can reduce stretch by having your plants on a 16/8 schedule then taper the hours down to 12/12 over a week or so. It works to reduce stretching. I get less than 10%.


Aha didn’t know that, first time I had a plant this size and not auto! The last one I had was like 30cm tall :joy: I have a room 4m x 4m so I think that’s well more than enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for the advice tho


That’s awsome to hear, so from tomorrow I should switch on the bloom light aswell with the veg and reduce the timing to 12/12 aye? Right now I have it on 18/6 will that shock the plant by any chance?


You can just flip it and you’ll be fine. There’s going to be some stretch. The technique I detailed will reduce stretch.


No it’s not going to shock them but they will think they’re growing season is coming to an end and will begin the flowering process. I’m a noob here to, just my 2 cents… Happy Growing!



To be exact stretch means they will get longer?


Gotcha brotha thanks


Some plants will grow up to 50% more after lights are switched to 12/12. Doing it over the course of a week eliminates much of the stretch one would get by a quick flip. It’s not important if you have room.


Understood Intry your method :facepunch:t3: