Vegetative length

What say all the growers on the size of the plant before you flip? How large do let your plants get, then flip? Is there any particular number of days your grow or you just know when? thanks

As far as the way I do it, I guessitmate the size of the plant and imagine 3x it’s current size. That way I dont run into height issues with the top of my grow area. I’m fairly new so someone else may have more to say.

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It’s all about managing your space say you have a small space you’re going to need to flip earlier than somebody that has a larger space. 4 to 7 weeks veg time is the norm for most people.

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I run a 12/12 schedule from start to finish and my plants still manage to grow over 6 feet indoors.

I go full power on lights and get them nice and bushy at around 16 inches tall i will flip them if they filled out the net
Gotta look like this first

Then into 5gal air pot veg out for 2 or 3 weeks they usually have filled out the net and then 12hr light schedule time


I dont go on size of the plant I go by how its devolping I top my plants at the 4th or 5th set of branches roughly 10 inches in height maybe less depending the strain if your not scrogging prune accordingly I wait for pistols to start forming in the flowers give it a week and flip the lights usally around 6-7 weeks from the time they broke soil.then I go 13/11 let the plant grow let it grow if I have a 10 week flowering plant week 8 I go 8/16 on the light finish it off…if your growing indica in a tent say 60 inch tall dont worry about the height for the most part but on the other hand sativa in a tent scrog it trust me sativa stretch’s and stretch’s very tall…here is a fact if you have a decent tent set up have a interest it give the plant a lot of TLC it will grow like wild fire…what you do to it will determine the outcome of yield the and quality I am not a pro at this just learning like we all are

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You can grow all different sizes just depends on what your experience is, and how often you want to water. You can grow a pretty big plant in a 1 gallon.

I shoot for an approximate 5 gallon, and usually have under a 3ft plant.

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