Vegetative LED?

Hey all.
Into my first indoor/outdoor grow… wondering best option LED for Veg stage, keeping budget in mind.

Really depends on the size of your tent or how many plants if you’re not in a tent.

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And if it’s a dedicated flowering space, or veg only space.
You can stretch the veg space out with a lot less lighting.

And the budget matters as well. I mean, gotta know what it actually is. Lol.

I’m gonna say though if you can do 100$ get the hlg 65 v2 4000k. Great for vegging for me so far. But it’s only good for a small area. 2×2 veg.

G’day all.
Thanks for the info… veg stage only outside to finish.
Space 6’ x 3’ x 6’ high total.

Would like to squeeze 10 in the space.

Ideally LED for heat reduction.