Vegetative clones exposed to light

If I have seedlings and clones in a dome in a closet is it ok if someone opens the door or light creeps in during off hours? How sensitive are early clones and seedlings when exposed to unscheduled light?

It dont really hurt them but definitely wouldnt advise doing so

I’m just a noob but from what I read it should only hurt during flowering

Thanks this would help me understand how to get a 3 room setup. If I move them once rooted (<3 weeks old) I will move to proper veg area. So would I be good?

Absolutely @Fever

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Yay! I now have a plan!!!


In veg you can do almost what ever you want to them with no harm… light change , light leek , over feeding , under feeding , bending , snapping , squeezing , shoving into tight places , spray danm near whatever you want on them , tie them down , tie them up , talk dirty to them , talk nicely to them… almost anything… but you must supply the basics… always… :wink:
Good temp , good humidity , the proper nutrients for the stage of growth that you’re in and a little bit of love never hurts…

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