Vegetation repair


My older leaves are dying I just moved it from a 3G pot to a 5g bucket. I don’t want my greener leaves taking the same route. I can rebuild my veg?


Some times they just die. Also try checking your ph run off. And watch for a phosphorus and watch for nitrogen in they palnt.


A picture and a “support ticket” would help us to give you a better diagnosis :v:


Transplanted to 5g lowes bucket about a week ago
Organic soil
2x100 watt daylight LED


I kind of super cropped the branches bc the branches got to tall for the environment. That’s why they are fanned out with pipe cleaners.


Oh and she’s GSC


I dont thank you have enough watts. I think you need more power. And let the soil dry out for an extra day or two cause you transplant and you over water to help root. Did you feed nuts when transplant. If so to much for the plant to handle. Just my thoughts. And hope she peps up for you.


And you should really try smart pots . Thoes buckets a little old school. The new smart pots do very well with air properties in your soil. . And sry when you transplant try using mykos. It really helps when i clone…


Ok would I focus more on watts or lumens?

And what lights do you recommend for someone on a budget?


Tight budget marshydro 300w led lights 70$ on its a simple step. Cheap. And oh so effective…


that plant does not look very healthy might need nitrogen better lights and always check your PH levels


they are stressed to from the transplant use good organic potting soil and always put in the pot its going to be in for its grow season


Ok she’s given off a sweet earthy smell. Is that a problem?


No its not that bad just try some of the things I mentioned your still in the veggie stage with a little love and care she will be fine . You did use feminized seeds from ILGM :relaxed:


I didn’t get her from ilgm but I got a ww and GL from you guys!!


ILGM has good seeds I am a customer just like you made a good pic I have grown those 2 strains I love GL


For the nitrogen deficiency what would you recommend? Remember lol I’m on a budget ha! But I just your YouTube station.


ILGM sells a good product but you can go online to find other products :wink: