Vegetation & flowering weeks

Hey im a newbie at growing indoor and had a gew dumb questions. Im curently growing white widow x bif bud under a 600 watt mh bulb. Descrption on seeds state 7 weeks vegetation and 9 weeks flowering. Does this mean 9 weeks total and the last 2 weeks are flowering or is it 7 weeks of vegatation then feom there 9 weeks of flowering?

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Thays a good question i would likevto know that also.

I would go with exactly what that says, that sounds right

In other words it sounds like they want you to grow it for 7 weeks and then it’s going to take 9 weeks more once you switch it to flower
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Thank you. Just saved me a panic attack lol. About 4 weeks into vegetation and theyre about 6 in tall.

Bigbuds, did you start with clones? I’m new to growing as well, but 6’ tall plants in just 4 weeks of veg seems extremely fast from what I’ve seen so far.


yes that’s right just make sure the tricomes are milky and 20 percent amber its what you prefer :sunglasses:

No i had femenised seeds. And its 6 inches from soil to top of tree. Im using all natural soil mixed with top soil and using these nutrients i found to be very healthy

What are tricoms ?

Down load the grow bible it will answer a lot of your guysies questions…


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get a to 60 to 100 power magnifying eye piece look at your bud and you will see these mushroom looking things they start off clear then cloudy that’s when they are filling up during flowering when they start getting amber it is usually ready to harvest that’s according to what kind of high you want now those are tricomes pistols are the hairs on the bud the will turn amber to but the tricomes hold the THC :sunglasses:

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For times it goes a bit like this…

From dry seed to start of veg stage is about 2-3 weeks - until they get their first five fingered leaves.

Then veg stage for however long you want really. You could literally go right to flower but would only get a few buds or veg till you have dozens of branches. Seven weeks in this stage will make nice bushy plants.

Stage three is the stretch and pre flower which is about 2 weeks and when you first see the flower tops start.

Stage four is the actual flower stage which can take up to 90 days or so. Each strain can take more or less time in each stage.

The final stage is dry and cure which is a minimum of two weeks.

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Trichomes are the crystals that form on the buds and sugar leaves. They are actually little sacks that contain thc. It’s the good stuff.

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