Veg to flower time?

Hi guys, I am looking at giving GG#4 a try as my first attempt at growing. I am looking at picking up some auto flower seeds and some normal plants so I can get some return quickly while my big plants grow. These are going to be grown in separate tents so nothing should be affecting the others growth.

How long does it take for normal marijuana to swap from veg to flowering after the 18/6 to 12/12 light change?

How long after planting or seedling does it take for autoflower to start flowering?

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There is no set rule. Every seed is unique meaning you could have say 5 Seeds from the same 5 pack of your GG #4 and it will grow 5 different ways.

I don’t grow Autos but they are run on their
Schedule, not yours. I don’t like that. I like the control that Photos offer.


Mr. Peat is right, but you can estimate a 2 week transition period from flip to flower. If the plant is showing sex before the flip, then maybe it’ll be faster.

Autoflowering plants are all over the spectrum. You can check out growjournals do com to see how other people faired with the same cultivar, but as always your results may vary.


under normal conditions @NoobNE Autos will start flowering somewhere between four to six weeks.


@NoobNE The autos on my first grow took about 110 days to fully mature. I have another one started. Now that my skills are better, I hope will be a shorter grow period.