Veg Tent or Flower Tent

I have about a bathroom sized grow space. I want to set up flowering and veg close to each other, but I don’t want to buy 2 tents. I built a box that I’ve been using for my first crop. I’m currently growing with soil and satisfied with it so far. The box is 56Tx38x31 inches and is doing well so far. It has holes and cracks that won’t keep light in or out, but the outside door keeps the space dark.

I need to consider use of space, cost, heat and humidity and probably other things I don’t know about yet.

Have you looked through guides and downloaded Bible? always need to do some homework before you get started

I forgot about the bible. I still need to download that. I didn’t think a guide would cover a specific question like which tent would be better if you only want to buy one.

the guides do cover space requirements lighting and environment which will help you to narrow down what you need to make your yeild goals some of our topics have actually recently touched on lighting and tent sizes :slight_smile:

Look for a secret Jardin lodge, germination/seedling/clone space, vegetation space and flower space all in the one tent. They have 4 sizes available.


Wow that is a great idea, never seen one before.

@tlkbear I bought one last week along with a upgraded light from the LED and transferred my plant from the old tent into it, absolutely top quality, I over spent big time from the very low budget that got my mrs on side with the whole hobby, but I love it! I have 1 plant at moment which is meant to be super skunk clone, just into its 3rd week of flower, germinated a AK47 seed over the weekend which is now in a jiffy pellet, and this weekend I’m going to try taking some monster clones from the super skunk. Can’t wait to get them down in the vegetation box. And I’ll clone off the AK, at which point I’ll probably retire the super skunk until I get some super skunk seeds from ILGM. the super skunk looks ok, but I just got it as didn’t have patience to wait for seeds and my original tent and light were ready to go! But from here out I think I’ll stick with ILGM seeds, or atleast clones from those seeds!

Here is what you should do. Use the small box for veg. This will require you to buy some Panda Plastic and light proof your grow box.

Use the entire room for flower and the box for veg. You will be happier using the whole room and not having to deal with a tent. This way you can control temps and humidity in the entire room, and also feed fresh air to your box with a small exhaust fan and a passive intake.

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Thanks for the input. That is a nice tent, but I do like the idea of not having to spend a lot of money too. I didn’t really consider using the whole room. Maybe I’ll do a grow journal once I get some demo done in there.

I’ve been looking around for panda plastic, but I can’t find it locally and I want to minimize amazon orders. Do you know any stores that carry it?

Nice setup you have a link or cost of that one

Most garden centers can order it in for you if they don’t have it in stock use your phone let your fingers do the walking panda plastic or white/black plastic is also used for home gardeners to warm soil mounds for mellons and potatoes :wink:

If you do not want to buy it online; It is only available in Hydro Stores.

I have an entire roll and I sell it for 1.50 per linear foot + shipping. My online store is down but, I am planning to get it back up soon. Actually; I have built it; I just have not stocked it.

Let me know if you cannot find it, and maybe we can work it out. :slight_smile:

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