Veg tent lighting question


I have this tent that I am using for a hydroponic veg tent.

Right now I am using borrowed Bigdog led light and it does not have enough coverage for the whole tent.

If I get 2 of these lights, will that be sufficient lighting for the vegetative state?

I don’t believe that will put out enough tent is very big you will need a lot of light I would go LED, at the very least h p s but that will be hot,let’s ask @dbrn32

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Those would only do 1/2 your tent. Sorry.
And thinking more for earlier veg. They’ll be a bit lacking as the plants get bigger.
Something from hlg or spider farmer would work.
2 x sf4000 would do the whole tent.


Not sure on the hlg designation for their 4x4 foot print light


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Probably a 550 or a 650 R Spec.


Yeah. I was trying not to spend another $1200+ on lights. 1 HLG 600R-spec would not cover the 8’ span, so I’d need 2 of them. I already have 2 of them in use out in the grow room.

And I should clarify. I am not using the whole 4’ deep for plants. Just the back 2’. As you see in the picture; which is about 2 weeks old. So I only need to cover 8’ long x 2’ deep. Also, they will not be flipped to flower in that tent, Just veg.


If you want to stay with fluorescent I would do one 400 watt 8 bulb t5 fixture per 4x4. Lots of options to go led, only limited by funds available.


I don’t really care what type of light goes in there, except hps, I don’t want those.

Did u see my post right above yours? We posted at the same time… Do you have any recommendations for lights led or otherwise that will fill my needs. I was thinking about 2 of these but was hoping to find something easier on the wallet.

Fluorescent fixtures are suitable only for starting seedlings. Not enough light to get big productive plants through vegetative phase.

So basically two 2’x4’?

2’ x 8’

I would look for a couple of 4’ 5000k led shop lights. Maybe would be classified as high bay lighting to get something in the 150 watt range. That should give you good coverage and ample light intensity. Will probably be significantly cheaper than a horticulture specific design.

What do u think of 2 or 3 of these?
Would they be better than florescents?

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Three of them would probably do

If you use them with you big dogs then yeah I think you be good. The two 2-foot lights are perfe t for half the tent and place the big dog on the other side.
.I’m assuming the bigdog is a decent light, I actually don’t know anything about that brand…but if you could get that same t5 lights in a 4 foot then 2 of them would work I believe…