Veg or Flower stage?

How do I know when veg stage ends and flower stage begins and adjust my feeding and lighting methods accordingly? Is it as simple as waiting to see flowers (duh) or is there another sign I should look for?

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If they are autos then they will start to flower on their own. If not you have to manually change the light cycle to 12/12 and after a couple of weeks you will see buds


But as far as when to switch I guess it would depend on how long you want to wait and overall room plants will typically grow 2x-3Ă— the size while flowering


YOU decide when a regular photo plant flowers…if indoors. Outdoors wait till shorter days trigger flowering…OR…move plants out of light to trigger flowering.
Shorter days will trigger a “stretch” in vertical height for about two weeks. Be sure to do this before you run out of room, if indoors. After that, it starts putting on flowers/buds and bulk up.