Veg or bloom for auto

Hi folks,I need to know what light cycle ( veg,bloom,both) for autos. Do you run both veg and bloom the entire plant cycle, or do you switch to one or the other, and at what stage?
They say the light does not affect when an how ?

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Autos will flower whenever they feel like it, regardless of light cycle. Most people run autos on either an 18/6 or 20/4 schedule from start to finish. Some run 24/0.

Shed a little light on the situation what brand of light are you using

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Would need to know what light you are using in order to correctly answer that. Likely your light does not put out the wattage advertised so you will want to be running both

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I’ve ran my autos under 12/12 with flowering photos. @MrPeat also runs his photos from seed to harvest under 12/12. I think the output of the light is the op most important factor

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Yes, you can run them 12/12, but there no reason, if you aren’t also flowering photos.

@K3const2018 are you talking about the actual cycle or talking about the “mode”?

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Ok, in good with that. What I need to know is do you run both veg and bloom at the same time( I have a 2000 watt full sprecum led light, it has a veg an bloom ,you can cut both or one at a time)
Question is- do you have to switch from veg to bloom or can you have both on.

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Hey bud thx for the help .im talking about the mode, I’m running autos an I have a 2000 W LED full spectrum light. You can run the veg and they bloom at the same time or run them separate what I’m needing to know is do you leave both of these modes on or do you run them separate and at separate times. If so how long do you run the veg stage on autos and when do you cut the flower stage on with autos

I’ve never used a switchable light. You could probably run both modes the whole time. If you don’t want to do that I’d switch it as soon as you start seeing buttons.

I would suggest running both so you achieve the best possible spectrum. The thing you need to figure out is the canopy to light distance. Then you can potentially switch to bloom only for the last week or two before harvest to help mature and ripen.

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@K3const2018 After you get out of the seedling stage turn both on veg and Bloom switch on Blue and red Spectrum

Thanks, that’s kind of what I’m thinking too.

Thx, that’s what I’m doing, just not real sure with auto. First time with led and autos. Totally different!! Any advice would be great.! Thx

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You can run autos on 18/6 start to finish or 12/12 or 20/4 . Autos will produce on just about any reasonable light schedule with no problem. I usually grow a couple of autos with my photos on 18/6 till time to flip Photos then I change my light schedule to 12/12 an finish photos an autos on 12/12 . Good luck

I think you should run veg until your plants are established, the both during the late grow and early bloom when the plants are growing the fastest, then bloom late flower when there isn’t as much need for light emulating the natural world.

I run 12/12 start to finish. I see no point running 18/6 period. Why? Because I will stack up any Photoperiod plant I grow against any other grower growing the same strain.

I don’t Veg at all. No reason…the plant grows as Mother Nature intended for them to be grown. No intervention needed. Outside adding watering when you are in a dry spell.

I have been running 12/12 since May 2018. I also get 3 to 4 crip rotations per year growing indoors. :+1::+1::+1:

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He’s growing autos. Why unnecessarily deprive them off light when they’ll flower under 24 hours of light?