Veg light swap in veg

Upgraded flowering light so i have two spare hlg 260xl and i was wondering if i should swap the fce3000 thats in my 4x4 veg tent…i did notice hlg does say it can veg a 4x4 and the 3000 only says 3x3

The 260 is really only good for 1 or 2 plants at most. I don’t understand why they would say it will veg a 4x4. PPFD for veg should be ~600. A 260 won’t get it done uniformly across a 4x4.

I ran 2 260XLs when I had a 4x4.


2 of them in flowering worked great


thats what i have in mine but just bought a 135W QB® V2 Rspe to cover the middle space where the lights dont cover

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@MidwestGuy think if i just add one 260 in with the 3000 that would be good…figured i could upgrade the vivo 1000 in my 4x2 with one 260

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Great idea.


A 260xl will cover a 2x4 area completely, 2 likewise a 4x4. No need to “cover” the “missing” spot on the heat sink. The spread of the 2 boards is designed to cover a 4x2!

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Nice even 450 ppfd right now…raise the ppfd in the coming weeks


i checked with my phone on my last grow and ofc i know its not accurate but there was a weak spot in the middle. enough not to give the right amount of light to one plant. ofcourse it was #7 lol that i thought the seed wasn’t going to pop and it did.

The total ppf from a qb 260 kit and an fce3000 is similar. From there difference in shape and mounting height would change measurable light intensity some, but still talking roughly same amount of light into a given space. 2 qb 260 kits in same space is double light.

Recommended ppfd is from dli study and should be closer to 400 umols/s/m² on 18 hour schedule. Flowering should be 600-800 umols/s/m² on 12 hour schedule. From there is just total light over given area, current qb 260 kit should be roughly 700 umols/s, in 4x4 theoretical ppfd average a little over 450 umols/s/m². Is understandable for one to want to push their space, but this is how most of reputable lighting companies will rate their fixtures.

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