Veg length, what's the average?

How long does everyone on average veg photo periods before flipping? My seeds popped on 8-1-21 and I’m getting anxious lol!

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6-8 weeks. Sometimes 4.
Some flip based on size. They want a certain “size” before flipping.
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Some folks set a target height for their finished plant size, and flip at roughly half of that.


I run a perpetual grow so I drop seeds as soon as I move my veg plants into the flower room. Once in the flower room the plants will stay in veg for a week or 2 to get used to the different light spectrum. By that time the seedlings are in full veg. They will veg until the flowering plants are ready to harvest.

Sorry, that was a long way of saying I veg about 8 weeks.


This is my 4th grow, and in the last three grows I waited about a month.

I was looking at photos of my old plants and my new plants and comparing them at this age and these plants are huge compare to the old grows and I’m worried they are going to be overwhelming in flower. I was just worried they didn’t veg long enough?

Pics for reference…


Between 5 and 8 depending on the height of the plant.


I think I’m struggling with the fact I want to most out of the plant so I don’t want to switch and lose out, but I want to switch because I’m afraid they are going to get too large. Lol.

I think I may gear up to switch in the next week.

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That really depends on how big you want them to get. Most plants will double or triple in size so your veg time should reflect the desired size.

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It is totally dependent on your amount of room in your tent because you have to take stretching into consideration however you don’t want to flower too immature of a plant either. I stopped vegging my plant about a month or so into it and at that time she was about 15 inches. She is now over three feet from stretching which is where LST came into play.


That’s how I decided my current grow. In my tent I didn’t want them taller than 48", since if they did I wouldn’t be able to maintain 12-14" above for my light. So I flipped at ~20". They stretched to ~44"