Veg indefinitely?

i have heard that you can veg indefinitely.

i have also heard that after a time in veg the plant will start producing alternating nodes rather than two side by side nodes.

is the quality of the plant changed after alternating nodes begins? if so, then doesnt that mean vegging does not go on indefinitely?

i assume this will be a short thread, but who knows.

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Hmm, that’s a good question. I have no idea, but let’s ask @garrigan62, @Niala.

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Good questions :thinking::thinking:

They only shoot alternating nodes after being cloned… that’s how you know if your getting a clone or a seedling from someone…
Sometimes they will look alternating if they were topped or fimed sometimes , but if it’s a seed it will usually go back to being semetracil node spacing if it’s from seed…
So if your taking clones … from a (photo) plant… then you would want to take the very top node , so it’s as close to the mother as possible… the farther you go down in nodes , is also getting farther from the main plant that your cloning as far as genetics… the very top of the plant is going to be the closest to a clone of the main plant that your cloning… the farther down you go and things will change more drastically as far as taste, stoney, looks… take a clone from the bottom of the plant and a clone from the top … and you will notice that the clone that you took at the top is basically a twin of the plant that you cut from… the bottom cutting will be alot different… depending on the age and height of the plant… but either way , it will be completely different from the clone at the top… :wink:
I’ve been cloning for years…
This has to do with hormones and $hit… dont have the time to get into it… but basically…
You can keep a photo plant in vegg for as long as you want… the problem is that the trunk will get so massive that you will have to push her through or else you won’t be able to control her and she might push the roof off of your house…
So to be able to keep things manageable , you want to be able to keep the genetics around but dont want to blow your roof off… so take the top clone to keep the genetics as close as possible and only clone from the top of her to keep things similar…
Last ditch effort to even keep a memory of her … then you can take a clone from the bottom… she will never be the same again… but the weird thing is that a clone from the bottom, will more then likely root… take the top and she will usually take 15 days to root… dont make sense… but I know first hand… :wink:


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Nodes start off side by side, but later in veg, it begins alternating. That’s the case with my outdoor plants(from seeds) anyway. After about 2 months of veg, they start alternating.

That would be from heavy topping or fimming…
But in time they will usually start to try to go back to cemetracil node spacing … unless it’s a clone… then it will always be offset… that’s just my experience …
I’ve only one time had a clone that was 6 years old go back to being cemetracil… one time out of 6 years… plants are weird and nobody has all of the answers… just my own experiences… :grin:
Mind you … I’ve probably grown over 5000 plants in my life time…
I spent 2 years in the emerald triangle outdoors… that consumed up half of those numbers… :wink::grin::innocent:


Ain’t that the truth! Lol. Let’s ask some experts @garrigan62 @Hogmaster @Donaldj @latewood

Did some quick research and alternating nodes are just signs of sexual maturity. Good way to tell when your plants are close to flowering.

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Quality of plant doesn’t change to answer your question @basementstealth

so. even with alternating nodes the plant can stay in veg with no change to quality. assuming you arent looking to clone?

ok got it! case closed.

thanks all

Many have chimed in with good thoughts.

Yes, you can veg indefinitely. How long a Mom functions and produces female clones is all in the care and environment.Once stressed to a certain point, Mom’s can start producing “hermies”.

Alternating nodes are equal double sets of leaves that alternate at each node space. After being topped and cloned for a while, you can see uneven nodal spacing as mentioned above, and all clones tend to have uneven nodes.

The only time you see perfectly even alternating nodes is on a seedling.

Happy growing :slight_smile:


Alternating nodes forming on a plant from seed. Never been topped. Only super cropped once. 4 days after flip to 12/12.


Alternating nodes means 2 leaves point East/West, and then at the next
node leaves point North/South.

Supercropping cause the same effect as topping in regard to where and how
new shoots form


Oh I see. My mistake.

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Cool. Happy growing :slight_smile:

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