Veg/herb seeds!

Has anybody ever tried( seems I start every post like this) those seed packs on Amazon that are marketed as survival prepper seeds? 15,000 seeds 32-40 varieties for only $15. Well if not I’m gonna try lol. I did go by reviews but after learning on here u can get free or cheap stuff I’m not so sure lol
Supposed to be heirloom non gmo veg. And a pack of those here is like 3 bucks for one vegetable. 15,000 - 7000 are lettuce lol

Every great deal on veg or flower seeds I’ve taken has been a fail.

True true. And I guess if there was some sort of apolocalypse and they break out their dud seeds who would they complain to? Lol

I’ve bought big on seeds at dollar stores, flea markets, etc where dirt cheap. Always crap.

Is that why my dollar general seeds are bust. Lol. I try to grab sow true. But they’re 3 a pack. While I write this one tomato is like 1-2. Lol. This was the pack I’m gonna try or something very similar

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I’m pretty picky about my maters. I only grow thick meaty steak variety’s.

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But you could be surprised and get something awesome from that too. Never know till try

My outdoor skills need some work lol. Don’t get it plants inside are good. Outside? Not so much. Usually stick to squash and cucumbers I like to watch the tendrils wrapping around things and pulling the plants.

I’m the opposite. It seems like mother nature takes care of most everything when growing outside. You just add to that by what you give to the plants. I was raised growing tobacco as a large part of our income, and a huge veggie garden for most of our food staples. We also raised chickens, pigs, cows, so working with the earth comes pretty natural I guess. But growing inside is still a challenge for me. You have you stay on top of everything 24/7


Do you prepare the ground before you plant? Thinking upon someone who may have no idea about agriculture. Mark off a spot for your garden, and look at the soil that’s there. You need to do the best you can’t within reason of budget to improve it. But you have to figure out what it needs. But before that I guess you should consider light exposure before even picking a spot. If you don’t have enough light nothing will produce regardless of soil.

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You need to try a “sugary” tomatoe. Wow. I grow them, beefsteak, heirloom, Amish pear, and normal grape tomatoes. Sugary are the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.


Past years I get all excited and start a bunch of seeds and was trying to keep dogs away so used pots that were probably too small with biglots soil. This year blocked off area and put cheap greenhouse up to block dog and cats somewhat. The cats hide in there sometimes. Tilled up soil best I could short of a gas tiller and mixed a huge tarp load of cow manure in with it. Grew pretty tall sunflowers. Maybe 8’. Those plants have tough stalks man. Greenhouse was good protection but maybe too hot I made vent holes up top and squash pulled itself out and is growing great on roof of greenhut. Outside huge green leaves inside droopy leaves.

Its too hot inside

Greenhouse was gonna have netting on most of it to keep out varmints Idk I like greenhouses. Guess from when I was a kid with my mom wandering around while she shopped at nursery foreverrrr. Seeing all the weird plants in humid warm place like a jungle lol

Hori hori knives are awesome. Sharp side serrated side. Scooping action and a ruler. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


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Got a snake in the house. Black racer. It’s moving around the house I think eating all the mice lol. Behind a bookcase I heard mouse activity and try not to use poison as they’ll crawl in something and die and stink. Yesterday heard a mouse squeaking and stop halfway thru lol. Didn’t like snake inside but hate mice more. So gonna let him chill for awhile. Weird? Don’t know if that’s rational as I’ve maintained a steady mild high for awhile now

dude… I saw a beautiful racer the other day…about 5 feet long… he chilled in the street until I drove past then continued on across the street… I would love to have a racer loose in the house,…and another in my shop.
I have a few cats so critters don’t show up in the house much… but the mice in my shop are bold… best I can tell there are 6 or 8 of them living out there. I put down some poison blocks…they don’t eat them… been considering loading up the pellet gun and just sitting out there quietly and wait for them to cross the room or something.
I don’t mind the lizards so much, they eat bugs… but I cant stand having rodents in my space.


I live in the country I guess. Mice piss me off. Nasty shits. Got a lot of bookcases and they live behind them. Watched the racer slither over living room curtains and back then down an extension cord and back up Reckon he’s been here for a long time just didn’t see him. Not poisonous but said he’d bluff with tail rattle and may strike but seems calm when I saw him. Saw a skin shedded under house months ago and one in laundry room figured he’d be bigger guess he’s just getting longer. Got a cat for mice but she just plays with them. Got another cat and she pooped in my crockpot so they live outside. Brought the dog inside to see if she’d sniff him out she just went straight to the fridge. Lol Ahhh country livin

I bought a live trap and they don’t go in. Sometimes I’ll get them with a glue trap.