Veg + Flower 2 By 4 2 Mars Hydro TS600 What To Expect?

If you start flowering under low wattage LED and then switch to high power 600 W high pressuresodium Will the nugs still come out rock hard or will they be fluffy on the inside?

I’m basing this question on the saying “In order to build a strong castle you need to have a solid foundation”

I’ve never flowered under LED. But from what I heard it doesn’t compare to high pressure sodium.

The picture of the flowering plant is in auto flower fruit punch mixed in Fox farm Perlite and Coco.

In the process of re adjusting everything but what you’re seeing in the picture is a total of 400 W of LED.

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That’s a good question, I’ll be honest and I haven’t done this so I dont exactly know but I’ll share my thoughts.

Switching from a weaker light to a stronger light will of course change the consistency of the growth but there are a couple variables to consider.
First how much time/ growth of the bud was under weaker light vs stronger light.
Secondly what’s the difference in DLI (strength) between the two lights.

It will all effect yeild as a whole but I don’t think it would make for a airey inside and hard outside if that’s what your thinking, and if your thinking that then I would ask why?

HPS is the old school standard but to say it’s better than LED’s is actually a false statement. Again there are variables to this statement, it depends on the type of LED’s and the Wattage.
Studies have actually been done and LED’s produce better bud then HPS, higher yeild and more cabinoid percentage including thc.
You can search out the study on google if you wish, it was a controlled study with a paper written (so not some back yard forum member running a test)

The issue is your running sub par LED’s, they are okay but not in range to compete with HPS.
LED’s cost more up front but quality ones don’t even use fans, produce much much less heat and thus are more efficient, safer, lower operating costs, have better light penetration, can be run seed to harvest with much better results then HPS (normally you switch to MH or CMH for veg), and ultimately better cabinoid percentage.

I hope this reply was helpful

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No. That was beyond helpfull. Thank you. And yes I’ve read that LED is more efficient But again like you said It depends on how many W And what type of actual LED lights you’re using. They claim that you can get double sometimes more per W using LED. Is that in total? Stalk, stems all that?

And also, I don’t know your experience with LED, But if I wanted something that actually compared to a 600 W high pressure sodium which LED would you steer towards in your opinion? If you can’t answer that is OK.

I noticed the Mars hydro have a higher blue spectrum then read as opposed to HPS is mostly red spectrum.

Which I’m not really thrilled about.

Do you have, or does anybody have recommendations as far as finding something that is ACTUALLY comparable to ab600 W HPS?

A HLG 300 will give the same light output as a 600w hps at less than half the wattage. I believe it runs at 270w.


I will have to check that out. Tried and True? By Yourself?

Then this should Deff do the trick i take it?

Price is so damn high though.

I appreciate the response. Quantom Boards are the new big thing now a days yeah? I didnt mind the tripple chipped blurples; then again i wasnt trying to flower under then.

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I have 5 of their 135w kits. They are tried and true by a lot of us here. That’s why you’ll see them suggested often. They just work and work well.


Spider farm is a wannabe QB board, hlg is the original but mejiu or kingbrites are the same thing just Chinese knockoffs that are good quality and cheaper.

Spider farm is a B grade light
Mars is a C
HLG and others using Samsung boards is a A class


Man a lot of these boards are made in the same factory with same parts. Just switching names out.

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Yup but not spider farms and nor mars hydro or those amazon burples.

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So ive heard regarding HLG

Hlg is a favourite because it’s the original, and it’s warranty is top notch, also top end diodes are selected but you pay for it.
Better bang for your buck cop cats out there if your into that.

Yes atick with the hlg brand. I just got 3x the 260xls and love them. I had 7 blurples in a 4x 7x8 room and the 3 lights are way brighter than 7 were like by a lot nroghter too. And i had descent blurples for being blurples.

Im running a single SF4000 in my 4x4 space, but im a newbie and have zero personal data to compare with. I have no complaints.