Veg and Flower modes

Hello there, I am using a Greenfingers 2000W light, which I am now lead to believe is a poor light, with that in mind, given I am using autoflowers, would I be better off just leaving on both lights, Veg&Flower? I am also thinking that with some kind advice by ImSICKkid that I should use a better light, like this?

That 1st light could work to veg a 3x3 and flower a 2x2 it’s par map is probably very similar to this but are you planting auto or photos and what’s your grow area also I don’t trust any light that doesn’t give me a par map519DXt9Ta2L.AC_SY400

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Thankyou very much for your response GreenSnek it lists this image and this image BUT I cannot find the PAR MAP, I am growing autos in soil atm

You’ll be fine growing 2 autos under that you’ll have to upgrade if you want more then 3 but you’ll be fine as long as you lst them ,1st week at 24 in most of veg can be done at about 18 in and flower at 12in from canopy

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GreenSnek, you’re a legend but you will have to forgive my noobness, what is LST? Low Stress Training, I looked it up. Thanks again

Tieing your plant down so its more horizontal I like going to one side then go in a spiral I have 2 times on top right girl but she’s almost ready for a 3rd

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