Veg and flower in same tent

Hello. I have a problem with lighting. All of my plants are in veg except one. I am doing a little experiment with one. Keeping it small by keeping the roots short and in a small container.

I didn’t think about it when I started but I’m keeping all of them in the same tent. The lights are in a timer and come on at 6 am. At 6pm I pull the one out them put it back in after the lights go off at 11pm.

So from what I’ve read when they go to flower you need to switch the spectrum to more red. Which my grow lights have a switch for this. If I switch one of them to red and leave the rest on full will that work, or does it need dedicated red? Not sure what to do on this.

I also have read uvb helps produce more thc. Has anyone tried adding a uvb light?

I recommend turning them both on.

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Turn both to red?

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what light do you have and how large is your grow space?

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