Vawton's First Grow

Day 88 from soak, 59 from flip. Watered 2 pints of just water.
Getting less browning, but now the fan leaves are drooping. I hope it’s just all part of the bud-building process.
Trichomes still look all clear to me. I was hoping she’d be ready to harvest by the 21st (time of the full moon; I’ve read that’s the best time to chop), but looks like it might be a week or two after that.

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Same thing happened to me. Seemed like the last 2-3 weeks of flowering were just watching the plant eat itself as the buds matured. Bud growth was done about week 6-7 and last two weeks were just buds turning amber and the plant turning yellow. Harvested 1 plant last week and got a nice 6 oz off of it. Will be harvesting the second one this weekend.

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Day 94 from soak; 65 from flip. Given 2 pints of plain water on Sunday and again today.
All the fan leaves turning brown and crispy. Should I do anything else or just keep going as I am till the end?

Trics still seem perfectly clear to me, no signs of amber yet.

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Day 100 from soak; 71 from flip.
Still just doing two pints of straight water every three days. The buds seem to be fattening fairly nicely now. I’m just starting to see the slightest of amber in the trics, so I’m really hoping to chop next week.

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great looking buds bud!

103 days from soak; 74 from flip. Gave her the usual 2 pints of straight water today.

This pic is from three days ago. I’m seeing a bit more amber in them today. For some reason my microscope won’t let me take, store or transfer pics to my PC today ::man_shrugging:
What y’all think? A week till chop?

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the pic is too small for me to see trichs well. but from what i can tell right now it looks like mostly cloudy with some clear. i don’t see enough amber to claim 10% so at least a week. i would keep checking the trichs every 3 or 4 days to keep track. it could be another couple weeks though which would be nice as the buds really bulk up the last couple of weeks.

106 days from soak; 77 from flip. Gave her the usual 2 pints of straight water today.

And here’s a couple microscope pics from as close as I can get. I’m seeing a small to decent amount of amber in the trics now. Tentatively scheduled to go dark this weekend and chop next Monday. What y’all think?

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I think those are sugar leaves? I can’t tell. If those are calyx shots, looks great!

I put the scope to touch against the meatiest, “least leafy” part of the biggest bud. The little tabletop holder that came with the scope broke almost immediately, so I now have it wired to my tripod which makes it more difficult to get a precise focus. But I can say, from looking at the buds live in the scope, that the sugar leaves do have somewhat more amber in them that the flower trics do.

I cut off one of the smallest colas last week. After four days hung to dry in my room, it smokes beautifully and gives me every bit as good a buzz as what I used to pay $400 an ounce. Though, I do expect a slower dry and a proper cure would do much to improve the flavor and smoothness.


That’s great to hear… or rather- read. :sweat_smile: happy for you vawton. I admire how you handled this grow. Very clean, organized. The way the colas are spaced. Nailed it.

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Thanks. Credit goes to all the folks I learned everything from on here :slight_smile:

Next grow, I’m thinking of running 2 two-gallon PotforPots. With LST, and by topping sooner and flipping earlier, I could probably double the big colas.


Day 112 since soak; 83 since flip. Gave her the usual 2 pints of straight water. The buds don’t seem to be growing much at all anymore.
Once again for some reason my microscope doesn’t want to take pictures. I am seeing more amber in the trics, but not sure if I can declare a true 10% there. I’m thinking to just give her three more days then cut the light for the 48 hours of darkness before the chop.

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Day 115 from soak; 86 from flip. Gave her the now usual of 2 pints straight water.

A closeup of the fattest bud.

And some micro shots of the trics from various spots.

Seriously considering going for the 48 hours of darkness once this current light cycle ends in a few hours, then giving her the chop. What y’all think?

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117 days since first dropping the seed in water to soak. 88 days since flipping the lights to 12/12. And now harvested! :man_farmer:
I estimate the total yield to be about 5 ounces once all dried and cured. (Official wet weight is 5.87 ounces. But even just cut the buds are not that wet, so I don’t expect to lose much weight).

I’d like to thank everyone on this site for helping me get going and all the way through my first grow with very little trouble and a happy result. Most especially, thanks to @Low @monkman @Hellraiser & @aPotforPot if not for direct advice, for all your extremely knowledgeable journals.

I’ll probably post one more pic here in about a week or so, once I get it all jarred. Otherwise look for the journal for my second grow starting next week.

Happy Smoke!


Out of likes, congrats on the harvest!!! :v:t3::sunglasses::dash::dash::dash:

congrats on your harvest vawton, great job on your first grow! sorry but you are probably not going to get 5 oz dry. typically you get 20 to 30% of the wet weight but you might get 50% if the plant was real dry when chopped and yours looks way too healthy to get that much. i would definitely put that second to last pic on the Bud of the month contest if they were ILGM seeds.

here’s a link

please tag me into your new grow and if you want i will tag you into my new grow, just hollar!

Nice buds!

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Congrats! Nothing better than fresh cut flowers :partying_face: :bouquet: :drooling_face: :fire:

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Alright, all dried, trimmed and jarred to cure.

And @monkman was right. Total dry weight altogether ran about 2.5 - 3 ounces. The yield was undoubtedly hurt by me harvesting quite a few of the smallest colas early :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Once again, thanks to everyone here for all the help and I’ll be tagging folks soon to join the journal for my second grow.