Vawton's First Grow

Alright, I’ve ordered everything to start my first grow and hope to be up and germinating by the middle of next week. Thanks to everyone on here who’s helped me make the properly informed choices to be confident of success.

Here’s to be my setup:
AC Infinity 2x2 CLOUDLAB 422 Advance Grow Tent, & AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4 Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller & AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 4"
BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector with Mechanical Timer
HLG 100 Rspec grow light
APotforPot Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit (5 gallon)
White Widow Feminized Seeds from ILGM

I’ll have one plant in a 5 gallon pot and with LST, topping and light placement, I hope to have the bushiest, tallest girl with as many fat buds as my little tent will allow.

Here in Virginia it’ll become legal to grow four plants on July 1st, and when I began my research I had every intention to wait until then to start. But, reading this forum has gotten me really excited to get going, and I realized that if I start now I could be halfway to harvest by July :wink:

I’ll post pics and progress once I get setup. All are welcome to join the journey.

Peace & Happy Smoke


Looks like your set to start. Good luck happy growing

A quick update: Got my surge protector/timer on Friday (2 days!). Got my light from HLG yesterday. My gear from AC Infinity is supposed to be here on Thursday. As was my APotforPot kit, but that’s now been pushed back until Monday (apparently it’s taken FedEx six days to carry my package the first 40 miles :astonished:). And lastly, my White Widow Fems from ILGM are still “processing” six days after ordering. :thinking:

I’d really hoped to get everything this week because I have a job starting Monday and then I’ll have to worry about the porch pirates. :shushing_face:

Finally got everything with my seeds arriving today. One in for a 24 hour soak and likely going into the seedling pod tomorrow. The journey begins! :grin:

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Four days after first soaking, I welcome my first little girl to the world. :slightly_smiling_face:

Day 8 and I’ve gone ahead and transplanted her into 5 gallon fabric pot with the PotForPot mix. Might be a little early, but I think she’ll be okay. Might need to adjust the light height if she starts to stretch, but otherwise she should be good. :crossed_fingers:


howdy vawton, that is still a seedling, how high is your light right now? youngsters need little light. i start mine in a 315 LEC but have it at it’s highest that it will go in the tent and set the plants as far away as i can get them. it won’t hurt to get a little stretch on the little ones, it helps when they get to veg state and gives you room to water them without leaves getting in the way.

i didn’t see a fan for inside the tent. the way i use mine is, put it on the lowest speed and angle the fan so that it just barely wiggles the plant, even at such a young stage. this will help the stem strengthen up. don’t blow her over, just get the wind to make her move a little bit.

Right now, my light is right at 23" above the plant, which is just about as high as I can get it in my 4’ tall tent. For the first three or four days after germination I had the light on for 24 hours a day; now I’ve cut it down to 18/6.

In the upper left corner of my last pic, the white device you can see there is an oscillating tower fan that I plan to try to use, but it’s taking up a lot of room and I’m not sure how well it’s going to work.

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Day 15. Growing up nicely and looking strong.

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Do you plan on moving her to another tent?

Healthy looking.

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looks like a great start

No. I plan to top it and use LST to keep it low and bushy.

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Ok. Make sure you are diligent bro. It can triple in size when you switch. It’s going to be tight. Mind if I follow?

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The more the merrier. :grinning:


Day 22
You guys think it’s too early to give her a topping? Also, should I trim off those bottom leaves too?

She seems very happy. I’ve been giving her about a half gallon of water every 4-5 days. That sound about right?


Hey, @vawton

How many nodes are there?
How large do you intend on growing her?
Are any leaves hitting the medium?

It looks like there are currently six nodes. No leaves are touching the soil yet. As mentioned before, with my 4’ high tent I want to keep her as short and as bushy as possible.

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You should probably top now then. Where is up to you, Because of the restriction I’d do it at the 3rd node. Prepare to do A LOT of training. I’d even consider switching to 12/12 now if I were you.

Something that will help you will be these trainers i found on Amazon and they work awesome. Start with the seedling packs they are smaller but check out this pic and the next and you’ll see they do justice. In the very last pic i have about 45 on those 2 plants

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plant looks great! i top mine when they get 4 nodes out (first node with “regular” leaves) so you are fine to top now. i would leave the bottom leaves if they are not in the way of watering.