Varying temperatures

I haven’t planted anything yet. I am allowing my 6’x12’ grow room temperatures to settle. I have thermometers set up in many different locations within the room. And there are naturally differences depending on where the thermometers are placed.

The room in general has a temp of 72.1 at the moment. The temp under lights that are raised 12" over the soil in 80.6 degrees.

So my question is, which is more important to try and stabilize? The overall room temp or the temp at soil level?

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You’re about golden there. What kind of light?

Your canopy temp is where you want to measure.


IF you have to pick a single temperature to control… THE most important is the LEAF/CANOPY temperature. It’s really the only one that matters. If you don’t have a good (best you can get your hands on) IR therm or FLIR camera, then the room temp AROUND the level of the canopy is the NEXT most important IMO (if you are in soil or media).

KNOWING the temps in the various areas of the room will assist you in placing fans, etc to make sure you are getting good air mixing and exchange… dead spots/dead air is not good.