Various soil “Joe Dirt” recipes


Absolutely. But i’m doing this for the rest of the night …beer and this eating-popcorn-smiley-emoticon


That’s what I’m talkin about keep on keepin on with that lmmfao :+1::call_me_hand::v:


When do I get to be a member lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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you are a member

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I just wanted the title lol it’s like a championship title to me. The trust level status that is

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Here it is… Mybe there should be a badge given … lmao

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It’s getting late so i’m off to bed It was very nice talken with ya and I look forward to even more talk later on

B Safe


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Good night my friend :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Do you think for my next grow I could do blue haze I heard it’s finicky?


More recipes

Don’t forget the mychorrizae!